Saturday, August 23, 2008

People just don't care anymore

This is a hard story to blog about. I don't know how to talk about it without feeling ill. I sometimes wonder what makes people do evil things. Where does this kind of evil come from? Is it Nurture or Nature? What would make a 19-year-old murder a 14-year-old over refusing to house-sit? This is a crime that makes absolutely no sense!!

To make matters worse, there are other issues involved that are equally disturbing.

1) A 14-year-old mother with a six month old child
2) A 14-year-old girl that had sex with a man in his late 20s
3) A 14-year-old girl that was shuttled from foster families and group homes

This is the part where we all ask ."Where are the parents?" It's apparent that many children are raising themselves these days. When anyone talks about parents being accountable they end up being booed and hissed. The inner city streets this summer have run red with young blood. Countless numbers of black boys and girls have died over nonsense. What do you do when the future is dying before your eyes? Sometimes it seems like we are living in the worst of times.......

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