Friday, August 29, 2008

The “Mile High” Speech & MSNBC & TV One "Da After Party" - The 4th Night of the Convention.

Obama…excuse me. President Barack Obama proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is presidential material. People are going to knock the country and western song at the end, but I think it was a good move. Obama has rallied the troops, and now the battle really begins!!!

Today Black Folks on black-talk-radio complained that an Obama presidency wouldn’t mean anything. One fool actually talked about Blacks pooling our resources together, and moving back to Africa. How ignorant is that statement??? Right now you are probably saying, Citizen “what’s wrong with us going back to Africa.” Youth black on black crime is at an all time high. The drug dealers are flooding the inner city corners with poison. Black folks can’t even celebrate this great milestone in America. How are we going to move to Africa when we can’t even get along in America? Let me break something down for you…………….America is the envy of the world. When I lived overseas people were fascinated with America. You have foreign students that come to America to attend college. Black folks fought and died for us to enjoy the promise (not the practice) of America. They believed in this country and I believe in them. Black folks don’t have to go to Africa to support each other. You can support black businesses now!!! You can start by stopping the hating, petty jealousy, the bliss of ignorance, disrespect, and the joy of the lack of knowledge. For anyone that wants to go back to Africa, have a nice trip.

Jacque Reid, what in the Heezy do you have on??? Are you going to Bally’s, The Club, or just sitting around the crib eating Haagen Dass? I am going to assume that Jacque knows how to manage her career, and I’m going to trust her judgment. I just don’t want her to become the “Black Female” version of Pat O’Brien. The Rev. Jesse “Nutcracker” Jackson is on TV One and MSNBC. They couldn’t find anyone else to interview? I would rather listen to Bishop Don Juan than this dude. I want to commend TV One for reporting on the DNC. I’m still on the fence about “Da After Party”. I would like for them to go further, and start a news department. The MSM is not reporting the real issues out here. They are not giving a voice to the voiceless. Who is going to bring more black political pundits on TV? Who is going to show that all black males aren’t criminals? Who is going to show the beauty of the black family? This is our charge as a people, and we must take it seriously.

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