Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TV One "Da After Party" - The 1st Night of the Convention.

I am watching the TV One post convention special and I am trying to figure out why Biz Markie is in Denver? I know there are black folks in Denver, but they have to be happy to see more. I have lost contact with my embedded reporter in the city of Denver. The last report that I received from her was “these white folks are crazy”. She had mentioned homemade bombs, and white men wearing swastikas. I tried to find the info on national news websites, but no dice.

When did Jamie Foster Brown become a political pundit? She went from interviewing Bow Wow to debating the Russia-Georgia conflict. That’s like having Ron Artest talk about civility. Sheryl Underwood is telling it like it T-I-S!!! She is absolutely right on with Hillary’s inability to bring the Democrats together. Why are black women still shilling for Hillary Clinton? She hasn’t done a damn thing for these misinformed black women that keep following her. They either need to get behind Obama or Shut Up!!! Either Hillary Clinton is behind Obama or not!!! Hillary Clinton is a conniving, lying, and sneaky, low down (You get the point)!!!

It’s a shame that anytime a Black Woman speaks up for herself, she is called Arrogant, and Bossy. Michelle Obama is going to have to dress up like Captain America to prove her loyalty to the United States. It’s a shame Black Folks have to jump through hoops to prove how patriotic they are. Michael Eric Dyson keeps referring to Michelle Obama’s behind. We get it Professor, you like big butts!! I haven’t heard a man talk this much about Michelle since Chris Matthews.
There is a big difference between MSNBC’s coverage and TV One’s coverage. You don’t have to always entertain people to give them news. What do you need a fashion expert for? Black folks have to stop talking over each other. Hill Harper is too educated to lower himself to these standards. Jon Stewart is a comedian so his job is to go for the jokes. In the spirit of Ed Bradley…just do the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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