Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MSNBC & TV One "Da After Party" - The 2nd Night of the Convention.

Who is the Uncle Tom at the convention holding that Hillary Clinton sign? Someone needs to get his hotel room number so he can receive a late night visit (a few baseball bats, spiked clubs etc…). Bob “Pimping ain’t easy” Johnson is now supposed to be on board the Obama Express. That Low Down Rat!!! You want to talk nasty about the man and then join up with him? One of these days folks are going to catch onto your charade.

Hillary Clinton quoting Harriet Tubman! I’ll be damned! I’m still not falling back in love with her. That orange sherbet suit doesn’t do anything for you either!!! My embedded reporter finally called back in. She sounds like she is “going through” out there in the west. She informed me that black folks out there are a little bit different. She said one black girl told her that she was tired of chasing Black Men. Well lady, a real woman shouldn’t have to chase a man. Dogs chase frisbees and sticks, what are you?

Jacque Reid what in the Hezzy do you have on???? Are you reporting the news or going to The 40/40 Club? Citizen Wifey has never heard Huggy Low Down before so watching her reaction is hilarious. I like ole Huggy but watching this is uncomfortable. It’s like Pauly Shore acting as “The Weasle” giving updates on MSNBC. But as Huggy would say this ain’t CNN baby!!! Marion Berry where have you been? Long time no see Frat!!! You look good since putting down that crack pipe. Michael Eric Dyson uses slang a lot in is his dialogue. I don’t know if I could pass his class at Georgetown University. I don’t get to use Ebonics that often on my job. I take it all back….He is back to using big words again. Sheryl Underwood is looking for a dictionary to decipher Dr. Dyson’s language. Sheryl Underwood please don’t feel bad. I have a masters degree and I’m scrambling for my dictionary too!!!

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