Thursday, August 28, 2008

CNN & MSNBC & TV One "Da After Party" - The 3rd Night of the Convention.

CNN’s coverage is okay, but I’m not that impressed. Sure they have a spot on the convention floor, but what does that really mean. In my opinion, MSNBC gives better commentary (That’s Just My Opinion). Bill Clinton you have done it again!!! You came through in the clutch. He cosigned on Barack Obama being president, and that’s all that matters to me. I’m still not over the primary rhetoric, but that country boy done good!! Obama almost kissed Joe Biden’s wife on the lips. He must be excited to be in Denver. Joe Biden had folks crying and such. I’m going to nominate him for father of the century.

I still don’t know why Marcia Dyson sucks up to Hillary Clinton so much. It’s actually quite sickening to see her kissing Hillary’s behind. Roland Martin representing Alpha’s Worldwide!!!!! I’m glad to see Chuck D being interviewed on politics. He has a very keen sense of politics from the everyman perspective. Who tricked G Garvin into polling potential voters at the International House of Pancakes? Citizen Wifey didn’t want to stay to see Huggy LowDown (Her Loss). Having John Legend closing out the show was really nice. The way things were going I thought they would have Soulja Boy on deck.

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