Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jackals and Vipers: The Dastardly Deeds of Black Politicians

For full disclosure I have to admit that the Dishonorable Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is my Fraternity Brother. That doesn't mean that I'm going to stand outside his jail cell holding a candle light vigil. Also that doesn't mean I'm going to arrive in a limousine waiting to pick him up like Whitney did Bobby. I have to be honest that I don't feel sorry. I believe he caused all of these problems on himself due to his outrageous behavior. I wish he would do the honorable thing and fall down on his sword (AKA – Quit his job). Even his mother is running out of excuses for his behavior. His mistress is up for perjury charges and his wife was trying not to break down on YouTube. With everything crashing down around him he still doesn't know when to quit. I believe it is safe to say that he is an arrogant scoundrel with no scruples.

The problem I have is with the black folks in Detroit that support him. They are really hurting the reputation of their city. I have never been to Detroit, but after this fiasco I am reluctant to visit. This concept of standing by your politician, even when they are wrong, is symbolic of black voters and black politicians. I remember episodes of Good Times when Alderman Fred Davis was running for office. He was long on talk and short on action but he kept being re-elected. There was one episode where he was running against a younger man. The younger opponent was an idealist that wanted to change the hood. Alderman Davis kept touting the young man's inexperience saying he was untested and unproven. (Segue – Does any of this sound familiar in our current election?) Anyway Alderman Davis ended up winning and the hood ended up losing. It was obvious that he wasn't doing anything for the voters. Were they scared to trying something new or were they easily duped? Also why does it seem when black politicians claim "The Man" is holding them down black folks close up ranks. A politician could have been caught butt naked with a stripper and 2,000 pounds of cocaine and some blacks still would support him. Why do we let our politicians operate on a lower standard and except the bare minimum from them? If a white politician embarrassed their voters with foolish antics, at the next election they wouldn't make the cut. I know white folks in the Detroit area are confused that the Mayor still has supporters.

What is the final breaking point for black voters? What is the line that a politician can't cross? Maybe they can do no wrong and it doesn't matter. Some of us still support R Kelly and he is blatantly guilty. If you knew a person that looked like you, was running around having sex with underage women wouldn't you want to find that individual? Yeah Right!!! We have got to hold our politicians to hire standards. Just because they are black doesn't mean that we give them a free pass. I would hope that all citizens of Detroit would come together and demand that Mayor Kilpatrick leave office. The reputation of their city is at stake. Also Detroit's future progress is in jeopardy. How effective can your Mayor be when he is wearing an ankle bracelet monitoring his movements? Politicians that use the "white man" as a boogeyman are counter- productive and engaging in the lowest common denominator of politics. We, "the voters", should demand better and expect better. If our politicians can't do better, on Election Day they should receive a message.
The message: No Free Passes for Foolishness.


Anonymous said...

First of all, yes, Detroiters clearly aren't the best example of what a voting electorate should do.

That being said, I think we need to take into consideration that many of the current black mayors inherited crappy cities, Detroit being one them. I mean, Kwame got Detroit after the auto makers were put on life-support and by all accounts are in their death grips, when homeless and jobless rates are on the rise. Not to mention that Michigan isn't exactly the world's best state to live in as far as jobs are concerned.

Is this to excuse his behavior with his chief of staff--no; is this to excuse his complete and further mishandling of funds--no, but I do think that it's interesting how things are played out.

What makes me mad is that black folks get in office, think they've "arriven" and then do the same thing the white folk did, and of course we're the ones who're going to have to pay for it. If there's a system that works and everyone is happy, go for it, I'd rather see black corrupt people than white corrupt people taking money under the table. However, that scenario only seems to work for Anglo-Saxons and other white ethnic groups, when do get Detroit.

Citizen Ojo said...


How about NO Corruption!! Doesn't it say somewhere in the good book about (what you do in the dark will come to light). Kwame has been corrupt since his days at FAMU. The world is just now seeing it first hand. I will agree with you on the cities that some of them inherit. Newark, Detriot, Baltimore....just to name a few.(those are tough sells). I'm sure that there is a black mayor in a town that is 60% white and has a median income of $80,000 that is laughing his behind off. I know politicians aren't perfect but we have got to break this cycle of foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Tis true. But it's a hard sell to say no corruption--just ask the residents of Gotham City, lol.