Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Thoughts On Zimbabwe: These people need HELP!!!

Unemployment has reached 80%

Farmers being beaten and evicted from their farms

Zimbabwe's election dispute needs a resolution

Inflation “highest in the world”

I know Iraq has the 3rd largest oil reserve (you know Bush and Cheney don't work for free) but can we at least help these folks out? If you thought Iraq was in horrible shape, you need to check this place out!!

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NCCU Alumni said...

This is why some black people cannot have power. The US should have gone there a long time ago. If they had resources like oil available, we would be on a "Let Freedom Ring" mission called Zimbabwe for Yahweh. I don't understand how inflation gets to this point? Are they making money for material? Inflation can decrease if they just filter the money throughout the country! Its not that hard!