Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The day Black News Television kicked the bucket!!

Today we should officially mourn the loss of Black News Television. It has officially died, and we need to give it the proper burial it deserves. I’m not talking about putting it in a shoebox, and keeping it on the top shelf of the closet. I’m talking about a 5 star funeral with all the bells, and whistles. We can get Rev. Al Sharpton to perform the Eulogy and Beyonce can sing “The Upper Room”. She can even be assisted with those ladies she use to sing with…. What’s their names… Kelly....something.... Michelle....something… anyway it will be a high class affair. Movie stars, athletes, senators, politicians, entertainers will be in attendance. They will come from as far as other continents, just to pay their respects.

I guess you are asking how did Black News Television die? Was it a Stroke? Cancer? Sugar? (aka Diabetes to all my white readership). You probably thought it was foul play and Black News Television was murdered. No, Black News Television wasn’t killed. But for fun I wrote out list of suspects.

1. Bob “pimping ain’t easy” Johnson was at the very top, because he benefits from not having Black News Television. He can provide music videos and spend less money than trying to do the news.

2. Debra Lee and Reginald Hudlin are the next suspects, because they pimp out Black News Television harder than Bob Johnson. Also they can provide music videos and spend less money than trying to do the news.

3. White Folks That Hate Blacks (list to numerous to name) were on the list as well because the images that rap videos portray advances their agenda. The negative stereotypes that come along with some of the current music videos keeps blacks distracted from real issues.

4. Rappers, Actors, and Singers were my last suspects because of their interaction with Black News Television. They have an Ike and Tina Turner type relationship which is very volatile. They love each other and need each other, but when they get together it is the worst thing you ever want to see. They have to be scratched off my list as well, because love like this makes you crazy, but it won’t make you kill.

Okay, no more fun and games I will tell you how Black News Television died, and passed on to greener pastures in High Definition. Black News Television died the day that TV One decided they were only going to cover the Democratic Convention and not the Republican Convention. It started dying when they decided their main concern was the entertainment of black people versus the education of black people. It started dying when they didn’t make news a top priority in their programming. It started after Hurricane Katrina, The Subprime Housing Crisis, the new found power of Black Talk Radio, The decline of the Education System, and Barack Obama’s historic presidential run, they decided they would let corporate media tell the African America story.

You see, this was a long slow death that started years ago. When Black News Television is only used as a tool of entertainment, it becomes obsolete and is no use to black folks. I still believe TV One is way better than BET but my heart is heavy with the wasted opportunities that could have been acted upon. I can only hope that J.C. Watt’s Black News Television Channel will provide the substance that is missing from every current major media outlet. For now please bow your head for the dearly departed.

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NCCU Alumni said...

It is rumored that Catherine Hughes is going to sell to Viacom as well since Bob Johnson got such a huge amount for BET!! Lets home she doesn't sell out!