Monday, July 14, 2008

A Love Letter to Black Folks

"You can't see who's in cahoots/ Cause now the KKK/ Wears three-piece suits.” Chuck D

I told Citizen Wifey” it was going to go down like this. The possibility of a black president has people acting like fools. The racism (by white folks) and playa hating (by black folks) can't be contained. Many of these “new age black folks” are not accustomed to this level of racism. Well it sucks to be them, because their momma’s and daddy’s should have schooled them to the game.

So called "Conservative" Tel-Lie-Vision and Ray-D-Ho Hosts make oodles of money for keeping white folks mad at black folks. Poverty Pimps keep black folks mad at whites folks by reminding them how whites "hold them down." Hispanics say black folks whine too much and they don't work hard enough. Asians are quietly plugging along watching everyone else argue over crumbs. It's the American circle of love!!!

It's easier for a black man ,with his hand tied behind his back and drenched in honey, to win a wrestling match against a grizzly bear than run for President of the United States. People just won't let this man run on his merits. People that do not like Obama have used every excuse to not vote for him. The reality is that they weren't going to vote for him anyway. Don't get it twisted though, because it's not just white folks that are fighting mad. Just like during slavery someone was always willing to tell on the slave revolts.

Jesse Jackson wants you to believe that he was down with Team Obama, and the Obama Nation. What he is not being honest about is his true feelings for Obama. Jesse Jackson is a petty, and jealous man that is living off past glory. Maybe he was the deadbeat dad Obama was talking about in church. Black folks need to stop defending him and put him out to pasture. I don't believe that Obama should go without being critiqued (because that is our American right) but if you don't have any legitimate beef with the man, than leave him alone. Besides, the fact that a grown man wants to play with another mans nuts is very disturbing.

People its bad out here!!! Racial discrimination is rising and what is the response from those who are doing it? “It’s just a joke.”

Racists will put a noose on your desk at the job and then say,“It’s just a joke.”

Racists will dress up in black face and then say, “It’s just a joke.”

Racists will refer to a presidential nominee’s wife as someone’s “Baby Mama” and say, “It’s just a joke.”

If you thought this was going to be a classy campaign, I have some real estate to sell you in Fallujah. The citizens of America were not going to let that happen. These are the same citizens that think Obama is a secret Muslim manchurian candidate. These are the same citizens disturbed by the image of Michelle Obama cleaning the White House China. Do you know that white women will clutch their purse when I come out the grocery store with a shopping cart full of food? Don’t they realize the food in the cart cost almost more than their purse, and its contents?

Oh by the way, if you were looking for a blog to read that was going to be optimistic about people of all races getting along... This Ain't It!!!!

I don't know what's going to happen in November, but the road there will be a rough one. This is your warning. The one corporate media won't give you. The only good thing this election is bringing out is the racists. I want to see my enemies, and you should too.....


Anonymous said...

We're about to see hatred in ways and forms that we haven't seen it ever before.

But I'm on the Bama-train! All the way!

NCCU Alumni said...

Oh yeah! Under the Bush administration, he set the tone for how people of color can be treated. We have a host of events that have occurred from Katrina to Trent Lott to Fox(Fixed) News...

Did you see the Whoopi Goldberg clip where she went off on the other co-host of The View? it was classic and true!

Anonymous said...

This presidential campaign has exposed the wanta be black leaders' true colors, SOME of the educaated blacks, and prejudice Whites. In other words, the roaches have come out of the wook work even in the light. Black America, take a good look at the people who say they are for you. You've been fooled.