Monday, July 28, 2008

How a Disgruntled man made me Disgruntled

This proves my point about the intelligence of the average voter today. Jim D. Adkisson shot those people in church on Sunday July 27th. His reason "frustration that the liberal movement was getting more jobs and he felt like he was being kept out of the loop because of his age." This guy has to be some kind of stupid!!!!

1. America's so called "conservative party" has been in charge of the White House the last 7 years.

2. During the last 7 years many corporations have recorded all time highs when it comes to profits.

3. In many areas in the United States unemployment is high, and layoffs are common place now.

And this dummy thinks that liberals have something to do with his inability to get a job? People with Masters Degree's are now flipping burgers to make ends meet. I know a "white" guy that just graduated from college, and can't get a job. This is not a problem that is color, age, or religion specific. If he is looking for someone to blame, he needs to look no further than The Bush Administration, which has fallen asleep at the financial wheel. If this administration isn’t wasting money, it is letting corporations practice financial malfeasance. Meanwhile people from other countries are buying up American Icons, and The People's Republic of China (A communist ran country) keeps letting us borrow money. Then you have Americans arguing about how un-patriotic Barack Obama is. These are the same dummies that will go vote this November, and base their decision on what person they imagine themselves drinking a beer with. This murderer that walked into a place of worship and opened fire on innocent people deserves the fastest ticket to hell.


Anonymous said...

Despite my liberal proclivities, I'm quite convinced more than ever before that history will NOT be kind to Bush the second. Revisionist history, yes, but true history will not.

Only because of Obama.

If McCain was not running against, a movement, I think McCain could come off with being similar to Bush. But given the bad taste Bush the second has left in our mouths, McCain is doing his best to not be viewed as Bush the Third.

That being said, yeh, this guy was a nut, blaming the liberals.

Clearly, we still have a long way to go.

Citizen Ojo said...

I believe Bush was not prepared for this job. I don't think he is dumb but I don't believe he is as smart as Republicans want you to believe. In any other period of time McCain could do a better job than Bush (granted it's not that hard because the bar is so low) But you are right. McCain is not running against a man he is running against a Movement. 200,000 people in another country? That's insane.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post...

Thanks for stopping by. You are welcome any time!! :)

Anonymous said...

If a business

(1) lowered its income
(2) spending all their available cash on 'defnese' and
(3) gave a 'stimulus' to each of its employees

would you expect the business to succeed???

If your answer was 'no' then you are correct! And indeed THIS is what the American government under Pres. George W. Bush has managed to do.

In fact, as anyone could predict, because of such financial mismanagement, the National Debt has increased to almost 9 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!

Shame... A God forsaken horrible legacy they leave.

Obama's got some major work cut out for him.

Citizen Ojo said...

This is a prime example of what happens when you vote someone into office based on "they look like someone I can share a beer with." It took them almost 8 years to try to open up drilling off the coast of florida. The Prez/VPrez aren't worried about the National Debt. They have that oil money coming after they leave office.