Monday, December 27, 2010

What about the "Tough" guy in the White House??

Obama’s problem thus is stark and simple: He’s the right guy at the wrong time.

~ Columnist Richard Gwyn

It seems that all the love for President Obama has slowly dissipated. Not since Julius Caesar has a public figure been cheered while just walking down the street. If he is sitting in the Oval Office wondering what happened, he should look in the mirror. Apparently something he is or isn’t doing is making the media tight!! You have commentators calling Obama out like a bullied school child. Women and even black men are getting shots in on the president.

Obama's victory wasn't just about his progressive platform. It was a historic, racial barrier-busting victory that was supposed to make it just a little easier for black boys to imagine being president. But Obama is proving himself to be a most peculiar commander in chief. Maybe another black boy will someday grow up to become president, but if he turns out to be like Obama, it'll be hard to call him a black man.

~ Courtland Milloy, Columnist

The problem is that he seems to come off as a soft dude! Obama is from Chicago so people expect a certain toughness. Chicago is known for its brash characters and groups – Al Capone, Sam Giancana, The Vicelords, and The Black Disciples. These aren’t people that believe in negotiating with their sworn enemies. Apparently Obama feels that he can get more done if he is congenial. And for the last 2 months, he has been correct in his assessment. The problem his critics (i.e. supporters) have is that he’s too congenial. Obama would be a horrible poker player. I don’t even think he could play spades right. He always seems to fold right before the debate begins. You can’t just throw in your hand without bluffing them first. Maybe his style of negotiating is one where his critics can’t comprehend. Matter of fact, I don’t think anyone can comprehend his style. So what can the White House do to toughen up the prez?? Nothing!!!

If you have a problem with someone that isn’t tough, the best thing to do is to surround them with tough people.

Enter: Joseph Biden, Jr,

That’s right!! Vice President Joe Biden is the guy you need. Biden is the embodiment of the quintessential 19th century American male. His “real” talk from the hip attitude and his blue collar background appeals to people. It really appeals to the individuals that Obama seems to not be able to impress – White Men. White men have been told that he is a crazed socialist Kenyan that was raised by Black Panthers. Maybe he should have showcased his mother more during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. You can’t get any more American than a white woman from the Midwest (per the mainstream media). Obama’s family looks like they belong to the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie Clan and he has been painted as a racist that hates little white boys and girls. No matter how nasty his enemies get, Obama still turns the other cheek. He does what the rest of us wouldn’t do on a good day. But the people that voted for him want a liberal George W. Bush. I just don’t think they wear cowboy boots in Chicago!!!

Vice President Biden needs to be more of a voice these next two years. He needs to show that someone in the White House is willing to fight for what they believe in. He also needs to slap people down (not physically but verbally) when they try to test the president. Biden is a brawler and he doesn’t mind mixing it up. He came from a period in time when men were men (that sounds like a cigarette commercial). Yes, Obama needs a “My Bodyguard” type deal. Why keep dragging President Clinton into the mix. His fighting days are well behind him. He is a lover not a fighter. If you don’t believe me, the proof is on Monica Lewinsky’s dress (or maybe she finally had it dry cleaned). The message is clear - Get Biden ready for next year!!


Reggie said...

Times change and so do perceptions, tomorrow is another day for all of us....including Barack Obama.

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - For his sake I hope so...

Reggie said...

So do I brother, so do I.

Freckles said...

i enjoyed your candor and I hope that we can move past all this hoopla. It is kind of crazy that we keep stepping on toes in this same damn dance to the same damn tune. the blatant disrepect is getting rather old. He is kind of the right person at the wrong time though. I can only hope that we can progress as a country but in the meantime I am gonna go ahead and get me a passport.

Citizen Ojo said...

Freckles - my girl!!! what's up!! If you are going to a warm place with your passport send me the address. It's cold here!!!

Freckles said...

for sure boo. I am considering warm for sure and its cool here on the West as well but no snow.