Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A New and Updated "Where Does the Money Go?"

A new and updated version of Where Does the Money Go? will be out this January. Authors Scott Bittle & Jean Johnson, have updated their book to include the impact of the Great Recession, the Wall Street bailout and the new health care law. The fact that this book was revised means these subjects aren’t played out. And that is bad news!!! Could 2011 be the year of serious talk concerning America’s Deficit Problem?
Excerpt from an article entitled:

"Turning the Clock Back Isn't Enough: The Nasty Surprise Awaiting the GOP on Health Care and the Deficit." by authors Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson

In today's hyperpartisan political climate, too many people believe it's enough to block the other guy's plan. That counts as a victory. But the truth is the status quo is not an option. And it's not at all clear that the Republican ideas on health care, such as a voucher system for Medicare or eliminating the tax breaks to employers to provide insurance, are going to be any more popular with the public than the Democratic plan or do any more to reduce costs. The Republicans have mostly ridden the wave of "not this." They haven't done the hard work of preparing the public for "what now?" But "what now" on health care is the question that really matters on the budget. If we don't answer it, a lot of the other ideas might turn out to be Band-Aids.

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