Monday, December 27, 2010

The passing of Teena Marie 1956 - 2010

Teena Marie aka Marie Christine Brockert has passed away. The Grammy nominated singer and protégée of Rick James was only 54. Apparently she had some recent health issues but as of now the death is due to natural causes. Teena Marie was an honorary Black Person (i.e. she gets a pass). Yeah I said it!! The majority of her fans were black. And when she died blacks on Twitter and Facebook were giving her tributes. Besides what White Woman could deal with Rick James and all his Rick James-ness??? Teena Marie proved that good music transcends race. And if we never learned anything else from her, that was more than enough.


Menelik Charles said...

I have expelled so many pent-up emotions as a result of the soulful voice, and sensitive soul of this Ivory Queen.

Rest in peace Lady T, we will love and appreciate you always!

Menelik Charles
London UK

uglyblackjohn said...

Tina get's a pass.
Do Hall and Oats?
Toto (Georgy Porgey)?
Malcolm McLaren (Buffalo Gals)?
Tom Tom Club (Genius of Love)?
Or does it take more than one song?

Justin Timberlake?
Robin Thicke?

But seriously - "Squre Biz" was the lick back in the day.

Reggie said...

Teena Marie had a few jams that stick in my mind. But I honestly can't even hear her name spoken without hearing "Lovergirl" in my mind.

She had mad skillz!!!

Citizen Ojo said...

Menelik Charles - Wow! I can tell you really liked her. Well we always have her music to remember her by.

uglyblackjohn - Takes more than one song to get a pass. They don't just give them out for free you know...ha ha ha.

Reggie - I still can't believe she was with Rick James. She is one tough chick!!!

Freckles said...

kind of got me that she has died. She is from right past Compton (lynwood, ca) and lived in Inglewood so that plus her music plus being able to handle herself with rick james... gives her a pass but I agree we cant go giving them all out willy nilly. however I am a fan of Robin Thicke ijs.

Citizen Ojo said...

Freckles - yeah, I'm still trying to figure out did they give Justin Bieber one.