Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Any Given Tuesday

Everyone thought this game was going to be a blowout. With the snow cleared from Lincoln Financial Field it was a no brainer (Mike Vick would be able to run and gun with ease). So how did the Chicago Bears end up with a 1st round playoff bye and the #2 seed in the National Football Conference?

Joe Webb and the Minnesota Vikings were good enough to beat a good team that played like an average one. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell should have kept his big fat mouth shut. He probably helped give fuel to a Minnesota team that was already mad that the game was postponed. Remember that Minnesota and Chicago were playing out in frigid weather the week before. Minnesota was probably tired of staying in a hotel and wanted to get out of the city. Philly sports fans are cruel – I cheer for the Cowboys so I know!!!

But the hero of the game was Minnesota Quarterback Joe Webb. Webb played QB for the University of Alabama-Birmingham in Conference USA. Just like most black QB’s that play in college, the National Football League gets amnesia and doesn’t know what to do with them. He was drafted in the 6th round as a wide receiver (go figure). His talent was described by Draft pundits as the following:

Webb is a size/speed prospect with the impressive arm strength to be viewed as a developmental project. Overall physical tools allow him to contribute in a variety of ways. Needs a lot of refinement reading defenses and with his passing fundamentals. Potential late-round pick or undrafted free agent prospect.

That doesn’t sound like the guy that played against Philadelphia last night. Most black QB’s start off at a disadvantage because they don’t fit the typical NFL QB mold. The solution is to break the mold!!! It’s unrealistic to hold these young men to the same standard as Johnny Unitas. They spend high school and college playing as QB’s so that is all they know. So coaches shouldn’t shake their heads when they have a tough time catching footballs and running routes (THEY AREN’T RECEIVERS). I have to congratulate former Minnesota coach Brad Childress for realizing the talent that Webb had and switching him to QB.


Reggie said...

Interestingly enough the first time that Joe Webb played last week, one of the idiot commentators said "clearly he's not the quarterback of the future and neither is Tavaris Jackson" in the hell do they know that?!?

The thing that really kills me about some of these so called experts is that they seem to forget how many games Peyton Manning and Joe Montana and Steve Young lost when they started out as quarterbacks. And I might add, they were given the opportunity to lose and keep playing because they were the chosen one.

All Minnesota did over the last two years is delay the development of their next quarterback. Those two seasons were a complete and utter waste of time because they didn't win the SuperBowl, which is the ultimate goal of the season anyway.

I get the part where Brett Favre was a great quarterback, but he was a great quarterback a while ago. I'll grant he had a great season last season, but still, it was a waste of time. If anyone ought to be mad, it's the Minnesota Vikings fans themselves.

Joe Webb looked pretty good to me last night.

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - That is the best assessment I've heard on the Minnesota QB situation. I should have had you write this post. These commentators, I don't take them to serious. They are giving opinions like you and me. They are just getting paid for it.