Monday, November 22, 2010

A bad week for the Congressional Black Caucus.

Want to know why large pockets of Black America remain in great despair despite all our amazing post-Civil Rights era advances? Well, look no further than the incredible lack of vision and imagination of our Black leaders--be they elected officials, ministers and imams, public intellectuals, heads of social service organizations, educators, entrepreneurs, or grassroots activists.

~ Writer and Activist Kevin Powell

Last week the House ethics committee voted 9 – 1 to censure Congressman Charlie Rangel on 11 of 13 charges of rules violations. I guess 1 person thought it wasn’t unusual to not have paid taxes for 17 years. I wonder what the IRS would do if I stopped paying taxes for over a decade? Actor Wesley Snipes is getting ready to do a 3 year bid for not paying his taxes. I guess being in politics helps when it’s tax time. Fellow Congressman John Lewis testified on behalf of Rangel calling him "a good and decent man." Maybe that’s why 1 person voted against censure on 11 of 13 charges of rules violations. This is not a good look for the Congressional Black Caucus. They still have to deal with Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ upcoming ethics trial.

The CBC also spoke on behalf of Majority Whip James Clyburn’s campaign to become the Minority Whip. They let it be known that there might be consequences if Clyburn didn’t get the job. It’s kind of like when your drunken uncle shows out at Thanksgiving. A lot of tough talk but it’s just really more bark than bite. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who originally created this conflict, solved the problem by giving Clyburn a #3 spot in the leadership last week. That’s like kids making up play titles on the playground. A kid can call themselves a cosmonaut without actually going into the cosmos. What does a #3 position do? Especially when you didn’t need one 2 years ago? I wonder what actually happened in that meeting the CBC had with Pelosi? Bob “pimping ain’t easy” Johnson was even writing letters to politicians promoting Clyburn’s campaign. I guess he finally realized that even his ole greasy self can’t influence them all. This is not a good look for the CBC. They showed that they can be easily swayed by backroom deals.

Congressman Allen West, who could pass for Radio Raheem’s dad, criticized the liberal leanings of the CBC. Meanwhile, he was attempting to gain entry into the organization last week. So the CBC could possibly have a tea party backed candidate in their caucus? That would be against everything that they stand for. But because he’s black they can’t turn him down. Imagine turning down a fellow black congressperson because he has Sarah Palin’s number in his cell phone? How would that look to black independents and republicans? This is not going to change the organization but it will change the way you look at them. Is this the beginning of more black moderates and conservatives joining the organization (that’s if they get elected)? It always starts with one person. If the CBC were smart, they would turn their meetings into a reality show. Why not make some money off the infighting that is going to take place? Ask the cast of “Jersey Shore” about it………………….

Yeah, last week was a bad one for the CBC


Converting A Spendthrift said...

Bob “pimping ain’t easy” Johnson. <---*dead*

The CBC is the definite of obsolete for several reasons. IMHO, the majority of black politicians don't run for office to "do good" they run to enrich their pockets. (Not to say that other races aren't doing the same) just there seems to be a disproportionate amount of blacks who are profiting from office. Or is it that more of them are getting caught?

I refer to the recent arrest of my county executive Jack Johnson and his bra stuffing wife Lesele.

lincolnperry said...

Citizen, lets not be naive...this is a witchhunt, to remove Rangel from Ways and Means, because he didnt do anything was sloppy paperwork! secondly West underpaid his taxes, and offered to pay the Government 24mm, they refused payment, and said that they want to put him in jail, come on man...they locked Vick up for dog fighting, not rape, not murder, f**king dog fighting!

Citizen Ojo said...

Converting A. Spendthrift - I wondered why she stuffed her bra. That never works...

These black politicians are trying to do what their white counterparts are doing and getting caught. If you going to play the game you better learn the rules.

Lincolnperry - my man, it looks like we are going to have to agree to disagree. 17 years can't be "sloppy paperwork!!!" I'll just have to be naive then. Do I think Rangel is a bad! But he was trying to get over and got caught. IF you know people are gunning for you, then you shouldn't give them anything to use against you. I will say with Vick, he did admit he was wrong unlike a certain congressman we know.

RiPPa said...

Nah man, you can't call it a bad week for them when they ushered in a new leader and he basically told Barack, "we got yo' back dawg... but we ain't gon' let you play us like we some punk b*tches!"

Oh yeah, Kevin Powell's ass would be all up in the CBC if his ass had won.

Radio Raheem's daddy?

Friggin hilarious!

the uppity Negro said...

I see this as a two-fold generational problem.

On the one hand, you have a bunch of modern civil rights era left overs or those certainly influenced by them, who are not going to give up their seats of power anytime soon until they DIE and sadly aren't training anyone to take their position. On the other hand, while you may have some younger people who have enough guts to really get up and run against these people, let's be honest, old people are more consistent with going to the polls and these old ass farts don't want to elect someone young--they want to maintain the status quo.

My parents, namely my dad, is anti-Rahm Emanuel for allegedly syaing "Eff The Black Caucus" (although I can't find a quote of that anywhere). I replied to my dad, well, I agree with Rahm-bo. What have they done substantively in the last 20 years? Aside from giving payouts and scholarships to their own motley crew of kids and progeny, what have they done?!?! The closest thing they did was in 2000 standing against the electoral college vote for George W. Bush.

To which my dad shook his head and said "That's why we can't get no where." Now there's so much behind that, but as far as the CBC is concerned, they're a rubber stamp, and in politics either get down or lay down. Rangel BEEN needed to retire, so has my congressman Bobby Rush. The list goes on.

And John Lewis?!? HA! don't get me started.


Witch hunt or not, Charlie Rangel was in good with Dan Rostenkowski back in the 1980s and Rostenkowski was one of the baddest crooks walking the halls of Congress. I'm sure Rangel is a nice enough guy, but when you've been in Congress for going on 40 years, elected 20 times, you're no longer beholden to the people, but to PACs, lobbyists and you're own well-being.

Just because people were out to get him doesn't excuse his wrongdoing. What I don't understand is when black folk get caught we want them to be excused for their behavior because white folk get excused all the time. I understand wanting equity, but let's push for prosecution of all, not the excusing of all.

Citizen Ojo said...

Rippa - You can't tell me that man don't look like Radio Raheem?? Especially if you look at him real fast and look away.

Uppity - You are correct about it being a generational problem. My mom gets mad at me when I talk about Obama. I guess they just like to see a "Face in the place." But I can't cosign when Black Politicians are not doing what they were elected to do. That includes Congressmen from Harlem and Presidents from Chicago.