Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is that a Bomb in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Transportation Security Administration officials want you to wear clean underwear!! That’s probably the next sign you will see at the airport next year. Because the Government has authorized scanners and body searches, in order to protect the unfriendly skies, you have a citizenship that is uneasy. Poor President Obama, another thing under his watch that people don’t like. Good thing the Car Company Bailouts are working out for him. Oh, I forgot, they aren’t giving him credit for that. Anyway, I knew we would eventually get to this point. The Terrorist must be laughing at us. They have us so afraid of dying on an airplane. We will let complete strangers touch our naked bodies searching for weapons we know we don’t have.

TSA Agent: That family from Iowa on their way to Disney World must be doing something suspicious. I know they have a 1 year old but who carries that many diapers??

I know I know…this is where you tell me, “what about those “Brown Skin Terrorists!!!”” Not to be confused with those “Pale Skin Terrorists” that have been terrorizing Americans for years. Everyone in America, except for minorities, loves racial profiling when it comes to safety. It’s easy to pick someone out of the crowd when they don’t look like you. I’m waiting for when we have to use retinal scans to determine our identity.

Mr. Erroll Southers was going to be the man in charge of this process. But the Republicans stopped him from get hired. And the fact that The Obama Administration backpedaled away from him didn’t help either but I digress… It’s really strange that some conservatives are complaining about the TSA but they also say Obama isn’t making America safe enough. Mmmmmm… sounds like someone is playing political games again!!! But before we blame conservatives for lying again, some other folks aren’t that supportive of these measures either. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she isn’t down with the searches. And she is a credible source on fondling because she is married to President Bill Clinton. I don’t think that Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano has an honest opinion because she doesn’t have a clue. She was only hired because she’s from a state that borders a foreign country. When does the Mayor of Buffalo, New York get his shot at a government job??? Well, Thanksgiving has ended and it's recorded in the books. Let’s see what happens when people travel this Christmas.


md20737 said...

Im sure both sides say what sounds great at the moment. They dont really care & neither do I. Sorry to be so nonchalant about it. We are waiting for a country built off slavery to treat the inhabitants aka slaves fairly. Makes no sense. We couldnt travel back then and we can barely travel now. Only difference is now they making poor non minorities feel like minorities.

Reggie said...

Hopefully whether the Transportation Security Administration wants us to wear clean underwear or not we'll just do it anyway.

I see this whole sad and sorry episode as much ado about nothing. I see no reason why passengers can't be searched. If they were on Sept 11th, maybe we wouldn't all remember that day so well? Who knows? I'm okay with the searches and I'm also okay with people deciding that they'd rather take a train or a bus or simply drive themselves.

I just don't see this as a big issue.

I think the next time I fly, I'll just go commando style.

Citizen Ojo said...

md20737 - I hear ya Sista!! I do believe that people who aren't use to being profiled are bothered by this. That falls back on class and race..sorry but it's true. FYI - I didn't say TSA or people flying were racist. I said that the mentality of "why am I being profiled" has to do with class and race. On a side note: are you upset with the Govt lately?? ha ha I detect some bitterness...ha ha

Reggie - My wife is the same way you are. I don't like the "pat downs" so I'll opt for the machine. And if the machine is ever broken hopefully a woman will be searching me... ; )