Thursday, November 04, 2010

My take on Tuesday’s Election Results: A few wins and a lot of losses. But the Republicans shouldn’t get it twisted.

You’ve heard about it in the news for months and finally it has arrived. The republicans swept through America like the plague on Tuesday. We knew they were going to get some wins but WOW!!!!!!!!!! From the national stage to the local stage –democrats took some L’s!!!!! It didn’t even matter if they were long time politicians. If they looked, smelled or felt like Democrats they got “lit up!!”

In my current state of North Carolina, the republicans had a historic victory. In 2008, North Carolina was thought to have turned a corner (A Red State to a Purple State). That didn’t last long. The republican’s almost took over the Mecklenburg County Commissioner Board with 3 at large bids. They only received 1. The other 2 went to the democrats. One of the democrats, incumbent Harold Cogdell Jr was everywhere speaking to anyone who would listen to him. I guess it worked out for him....

When I went to bed early Wednesday morning; Congressman John Spratt was talking
about a re-count. Dude!! It’s South Carolina, give it a rest and keep it moving. That’s why I’m laughing about people making a big deal about Republican candidate Nikki Haley (or the name her parents gave her Nimrata Randhawa) winning as South Carolina Governor. They haven’t had a democratic governor in 10 years. You can celebrate the fact that she is a woman but this was no upset.

Former Governor Charlie Crist is now unemployed after getting his head handed to him.
And based on the results Congressman Kendrick Meek should have never entered the
. The democrats knew he couldn’t win but they let him run anyway. He was another person that got caught up in Obama’s 2008 win and thought he could duplicate it. Meek seems like a nice guy but he has the appeal of a loaf of wheat bread.

President Obama’s old Illinois Senate job was won by a republican and the governors’
race (as of this post) was still neck and neck. Republican candidates cleaned up state governors’ races in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wyoming and New Mexico. And Wisconsin has its first Republican Senator in 18 years!!!!

Blacks and other Minority Republicans kicked down the door on Tuesday night in grand fashion. At first glance, the minority “Tea Party” backed candidates help the Tea Party image of being inclusive. But after another look, Tuesday’s high level turn out of white male voters helps to negate that same message. I hope the congressional black caucus is not waiting for these new folks to join. Their allegiances are owed elsewhere.

Both snoozefest candidates Harry Reid and Andrew Cuomo beat lunatic opponents to win Governorships. And California turned down pot, elected a senior citizen and passed on a former CEO. Christine O’Donnell lost (no surprise) making witches and warlocks sad all across the nation (although she did say she wasn’t a witch). Personally, I would not have had a problem with her being a witch (even though she said she wasn’t a witch). Sabrina the teenage Witch was cool and she was cute too. And Bewitched was a hilarious television show (but again, she said she wasn’t a witch).

Republican Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao lost his bid to become a second
term U.S. House of Representative member. Cao became congressmen under
amazing circumstances. The democrat who had the job before him was crooked
and Hurricane Katrina misplaced the residents of the majority black district. He
seemed like a nice guy when you watched him being interviewed but I guess that
seat was always meant for a Democrat.

What happened on Tuesday was not a surprise or a fluke. With Obama’s “Spock” like nature, he comes across as being distant. But that’s just part of the problem. The real problem is what the democrats fail to understand.

The Democrats didn’t win all those seats in 2008 because they were such great politicians. Many of them were in office during “The Bush Years” and they let him walk all over them. They won because they were riding Obama’s coat tails (this list doesn’t include black politicians in mostly black districts, whites in strong democratic districts and Nancy Pelosi). Obama was able to win folks over by engaging them and making them believe he was different. He used social media to reach younger voters and he had canvassing in every state. And he was even on black radio more than Lil Wayne.

But a funny thing happened during the two years of the Obama presidency. The democrats stopped engaging the people that voted for them. Many of these folks were young, first time voters, and minorities. No one explained how politics worked and how they needed to stay active. These voters were left to watch the congress and the White House horse trade for the last two years. While politicians made closed door deals and argued over birth certificates and gay soldiers. The same people that voted for Obama, young people and minorities, were losing jobs, and homes. Ask an inner city black male, age 20 – 30, if he is doing better now than he was two years ago. Ask a teenager in the suburbs how hard was it to get a job last summer. And the first time voters….well you shouldn’t have expected a lot from them. If 2008 was the first time a 40 year old man voted……well….um…no comment. So in 2010, did you really expect these same people to come out in full force? As they say in New York….Come on son!!! Many Obama voters are suffering from voter apathy. And it showed on Tuesday night. The Republicans didn’t win a victory because American’s are tired of Obama. They won because their base was motivated and the other side wasn’t.


lincolnperry said...

I love it, if in doubt blame it on the black guy!

Val said...

Very good analysis, CO. I agree.

Obama and the Democrats have no message anymore. The Republicans took advantage of that.

And let's not even get into how Obama has taken African Americans for granted in the last two years.

Oh, and keep your eye on Nimrata Randhawa. I have a feeling she's going to be the VP candidate on Mitt Romney's ticket.

Citizen Ojo said...

lincolnperry - welcome to America!!

Val - Thanks, Vice President??? I'll really have to think about that one. I'm trying to think of if she can appeal to minorities on the left.

Nik said...

Lmao, I'm with lincolnperry!

The place was a big ass mess before Obama got there, now all of a sudden it's ALL his fault. That really angers me.

I'd never marry a president. I'd be the worst first lady in the history of first ladies. I'd be a little too vocal. Lol.

Great post though!

Citizen Ojo said...

Nik - I'd love to see you as the First Lady. That would be something else....

Reggie said...

That t-shirt said it all. It's just a shame that the American people have a short memory and attention span.

The next thing you know, they'll blame President Obama for the clap.

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - He'll get blamed for that in 2011.