Thursday, November 11, 2010

Majority to Minority: That's a demotion playa!!!

I guess Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi didn’t get the memo on Election Day? She was an unknowing actor in republican ads all the way up to the election. The republicans lumped her and President Obama together as enemies of the state. People in Ohio were subjected to hearing about a woman that lived in San Francisco. And that this woman was the cause of their pain and misery.

Side Note: The last person hated that much from San Fran was Barry Bonds.

Apparently Pelosi doesn’t want to step down as leader of the democratic caucus (yawn…..). As usually a politician doesn’t want to give up their spot (what else is new). You have a write in candidate in Alaska that is only running because she hates the former Governor. When politicians lose, they take that as more incentive to not quit. If that logic involves athletes it’s a good thing, but with old wrinkly politicians……er…ew…not so good. I like Pelosi because she pisses people off (that’s the type of dude I am). But I think she should step down and let some freshness come in.

Unfortunately, the freshness would be in the form of Congressman Steny Hoyer. Here is another old man that has been in politics forever and a day. And behind him is Jim “James” Clyburn. This is another old man that has been in politics forever and a day. The democratic must not have any young folks on deck? It’s like trying to be a minister at a black church. The young pastor has to wait for the older pastor to drop dead from eating too much fried chicken.

Current House Majority Whip Clyburn wants to become the Minority Whip next year. Majority Leader Hoyer wants to become the Minority Whip too. Notice they are both going from Majority to Minority (thank the Nov 2nd election gentlemen!!) Just in case you asked why was all of this happening? It’s because Pelosi wants to be Minority Leader. So Hoyer wants to go back to being #2, which would put Clyburn as #3. It’s all quite confusing if you think about it. But it wouldn’t be politics if it wasn’t confusing.

Side Note: Did I tell you that all of these people are friends.

The bad part about all of this foolishness – enter Bob “Pimping Ain’t Easy” Johnson to the mix. He has started a campaign to help Clyburn get the job. I know some of ya’ll love Johnson because he’s rich (so is Bill Gates) and he owned a television channel (so did Ted Turner). If you haven’t learned by now, if Johnson is involved, race will be rearing its ugly head.

A paragraph from his letter to Congressional Black Caucus leaders regarding Clyburn –
"As you are well aware, Jim has served for 18 years and not only has a strong standing throughout the Congress having served as Majority Whip, but as a distinguished Member of the CBC. He is a steadfast advocate for issues that have a direct impact on the African American community, and his voice must remain at the forefront of the 112th Congress. To diminish his leadership role in Congress would run the risk of losing a significant part of the Black vote, a decision the Democratic Party cannot afford at this most critical time in history."

Clyburn not keeping his seat could cause “the risk of losing a significant part of the Black vote”?????????? Didn’t that already happen on Nov 2nd???? Black folks came out in larger numbers than previous off year elections but not like they did in 2008. I think Bob Johnson used that same logic when he was running the Charlotte Bobcats into the ground. Clyburn is shaking hands with the devil on this one. I don’t care if he wants to keep his job or go fishing next year. He shouldn’t have Johnson shilling for him because there is always an ulterior motive to anything Johnson does. I don’t know what he wants but he wants something. Clyburn should thank Johnson for being concerned and kindly tell him to butt out. Clyburn might need help but he doesn’t need that kind. That kind of help can cost you.


Val said...

I used to feel okay about Clyburn but if he's hooked up with Bob Johnson then he must hate Black women too.

Nancy Pelosi is a scourge. She needs to go away!

I like Debbie Wasserman Shultz for this job.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Yeah I had to rewind the news to get the facts straight on this. Nancy has too much support and she'll have no trouble getting the position. Hopefully they will figure this out without continuing to make Democrats look feeble minded politicians.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Reggie said...

I live in South Carolina, so both Clyburn and Alvin Greene were on the ballot when I voted.

I stood at the voting booth laughing my ass off, I could feel stares on the back of my head and I honestly didn't care.

Sometimes less is more, when speaking Clyburn should consider this fact.

The Democrats need to scrap the shit that got them pummelled and go with so new hot freshness.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - dealing with Bob Johnson does leave a stench but I don't know if Clyburn rolls like that. At least I hope not!! I too am impressed with Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She seems to be the only person with "Balls" in an impotent political party.

Redbonegirl97 - Yeah I hear you, she is a shoe-in but just because you can get it doesn't mean you deserve it.

Reggie - You live in SC?? My Condolences!! Ha ha ha. Here in NC we are baffled about that state you live in. I hear Greene wants to run for!!!! Newness?? I don't think that word is in a politicians vocabulary. If you want power from those folks you will have to pry it out of their cold dead hands.