Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Never have I seen so many, be so loud, and be so proud, and know so little.

According to the Pew Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life, black folks (average %) scored near the bottom when asked 32 questions that tested their religious knowledge. Actually we were just above the last place group that scored the lowest (i.e. second to last place). Praise God!!! Oops… my bad! Second to Last Place???? I know black folks were reading that last sentence and thought second place. Just like when we think they called our lottery numbers. Nope!! I know people are sitting at home confused and saddened that some test has proved that they are religiously ignorant. After all those years of Vacation Bible School, Revivals, and Sunday School we end up 2nd to the bottom??? I know black folks that spend all Sunday in church….CORRECTION…they spend all Sunday, and 3 times during the week in Chuuuch!!! All these televangelists on television and we haven’t learned anything? Who can we blame for this tragedy???

Mom, for arriving to church late because she had a scuff mark on her church hat?

Dad, for impatiently waiting for church to end so he could catch the 1st quarter of the football game?

That Deacon that prays so long that you forget what you were originally praying about?

Reverend Ike and his Science of Living? (Yes, the Science of Living….I wish I could make this stuff up!)

Was this a faulty test or an example of Christian Know-It-All’s being exposed?? I’m going to go with the latter!! The people that took the test didn’t have to part the Potomac River or turn water into Ciroc. All they had to do was answer 32 questions. Oh Lordy!! Why hast thou forsaken the people that think they are at the right hand of God himself??

The problem with America is that everybody, who calls themselves a Christian, thinks they have a direct line to Jesus Christ. They are good at quoting scriptures on why you shouldn’t do what they don’t want you to do. But they can’t tell you anything about the person that said the scripture. America is fast becoming the land of “The Haves” and “The Have Nots.” Corporate greed and low employee wages have now become synonymous with regular business practices. And Illegal foreclosures are shrugged off as “well they shouldn’t have been in that situation.” I don’t remember Jesus walking around Jerusalem wearing tailored suits talking about Prosperity Preaching!! I must have missed that part of the bible where his mule was called Lamborghini. If more people truly followed the teachings of Jesus, we would be better people. But you don’t have to be a Christian to treat people with respect and have empathy for people that have less than you. We expect the President to be a holy roller and some of us are the biggest sinners. We have what I like to call “Cafeteria Religion”. We pick what we like and put back what we don’t like. It’s apparent that any nut job can pick out what they want to use out of the bible for their twisted agenda. You have a group of “so called Christians” protesting dead soldiers funerals claiming their deaths are because we are an immoral country.

Side Note: To all you Muslim haters out there, we got religious lunatics in America too!!!!

Black folks need to take another look at the way we practice religion. It has gone from what Jesus said to what Bishop said. People are being led around like donkeys because they refuse to use common sense. It is okay to fact check your minister (study to show thyself approved). Matter of fact he/she should challenge you to read the word for yourself. Stringent qualifications to get into the pulpit can cut down on some of this foolishness. But the rest is up to us.


TB_BT said...

i took this quiz when i read about it on upon completion, when my score was compared to others, i was somewhat shocked by how little others in my community knew. many of us in the black church live in a world of indoctrination. some of us are spoon fed our belief system and never think to question it. in addition, i have found that many of my peers will only read the Bible and that's it. there are so many other scared texts and religious/spiritual works out there that will enlighten those who take the time to read. many believe that religion sets you free, but for a good portion of people it has further trapped them in rigidity.

RiPPa said...

Bruh, you ain't said nothing but the damn Gospel according to Rev. Real Talk! I tell fellow Negroes all the time that they don't know shit. And actually, according to a recent study, Atheists know more about religion that believers. Now to me, that alone says a lot.

Damn good post, fam!

Citizen Ojo said...

TB_BT - We have a horrible education system that promotes learning from memory to spit out answers and then move onto other subjects so why would we even bother to read? Think about it!!

Rippa - Yeah, black folks need to rethink the way we do church. When did we get to the point where non-believers make more sense than the actual believers?? Let me change that! American's need to rethink the way we do Religion. Thanks man!!

Val said...

Well first of all religion is a flawed concept in the first place. Its real purpose is to control the masses. Which is why it's so easy for people to get caught up in all the 'Bishop' type nonsense.

And the Black church in large part has become a evangelical/ Right Wing tool in the last 20 or so years. Which means that the church is now working against the best interests of its flock.

Many Black people have been seeing the church as a refuge when its really not a safe place.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - After watch Black In America 3 tonight, I realize that there are some good aspects of church. But some parts need to be replaced. We need a more modern approach to handling church finances and the subjects discussed in church.