Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Hypocrisy doesn’t surprise me. Who do you think is really doing the Heavy Lifting???

Lou Dobbs got caught with Illegal Aliens working at his plantation farm……er….yawn!! Are you really surprised??? He owns a Horse Farm that houses million dollar horses. Who did you think would be cleaning up horse poop??? Illegal Aliens do all the dirty work that no one else wants to do. Picking fruit in 90 plus degree weather – illegals!! Building new homes from sunup to sunset – illegals!! Taking out the trash in office buildings – illegals. I know I know…this is where you tell me that “illegals are taking over everything.” The influx of illegals has put a strain on our resources – education, social services etc. But they wouldn’t come if we didn’t offer them work. I’m all for reform but we need to punish these companies that hire illegals for low wages. That includes meat packing companies and former television hosts that own horse farms.


Val said...

If big American businesses aren't exploiting anyone then they think they aren't doing business properly.

So the 'exploitees' of the moment are Illegals.

And that's why there has been no immigration reform, big business doesn't want it.

Nik said...

Love the picture you used for this.

I agree with your post. Never given much thought to the issue of illegal immigration, I guess I kind of side with the immigrants. Life is hard and they just want to make a better one.

I know it's a burden to the American system or whatever other country they run off to, but I think if you discover them and they've been working and not getting into trouble, it should be taken into consideration. Don't just discard them with nothing. They should be allowed to leave with what they came with and worked hard for.

The whole thing is touchy and messy.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - Big Business has their hands in alot these days. They ship jobs overseas and tell us that they have to do that to stay afloat. Meanwhile the people they have working overseas are being paid low wage too. So you have a system that exploits people coming and going.

Nik - Illegal Immigration isn't just a problem in America but maybe Canada has a better handle on it. We don't want to talk about real solutions so we run around pointing fingers. And the picture is the Gods Honest Truth.

Nik said...

I agree it's not just an American issue, but America seems to be in the biggest uproar about it. That's why I've never given it much thought.

I agree that everyone is just pointing fingers and it's not beneficial to anyone! It's rather ridiculous. Hopefully somebody with some sense can get a word in and handle the issues at hand.

The picture is definitely nothing but the truth!

Citizen Ojo said...

Nik - I don't think it will be resolved anytime soon. With Corporations trying to make money on a global level immigration will become the norm in alot of places. Remember they aren't just paying people peanuts here but in other places too.