Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I guess the White House invitations got lost in the mail??

Last week President Obama held a meeting with some well known black bloggers at the White House. I can only assume he was trying to get the bloggers to help him get his message out. You know, Democrats are Good and Republicans are Bad. Sounds like it might have been a good idea in theory but once again the White House fell short. My mama thinks that I’m too hard on Obama and that my generation doesn’t know real racism.

Side Note: I want to make a martial arts movie with my mom fighting Christian Ninjas from the Religious Right. It can be a cartoon because my mother doesn’t really know martial arts. I want to call it “The Dueling Bibles.”

Mama will be happy to know that this fiasco was not Obama’s fault. He has a lot of incompetent people surrounding him. Unfortunately they all look good on paper because they have Ivy League degrees (aka Smart Folks). But Mr. Ed looked smart when he put on glasses too.

If you are wondering what the problem is, that means you don’t know much about blogging. And that’s okay because this is what we in America call “A Teachable Moment (no beers or salty nuts included).”

There are many types of Bloggers (examples of some are) –



Celebrity Gossip




Now which of these blog types definitely shouldn’t have received an invitation to the White House to discuss politics?

*jeopardy theme music*

That’s correct – Celebrity Gossip

People are struggling financially, we are fighting war after war and politicians are on the take from corporations. And the White House invites bloggers that write about the sex lives of entertainers?! I know it’s exciting to get bloggers that have huge followings. But that shouldn’t be the determining factor for real dialogue. To let you know - I have nothing against celebrity gossip blogs. I believe there is enough room for all of us. I work my side of the street and they work their side. But too many bloggers were left off that list. Bloggers that would have asked the tough questions and not be a rubberstamp for the president. And I’m not saying that people that were invited were going to be rubberstamps. But Obama needs to answer some questions before folks take marching orders.

Apparently nothing constructive came out of the meeting because all you keep hearing was how messy it was.

Side Note to the White House: The next time you want to keep the details of what you discuss private. Don’t invite bloggers that write about gossip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Val said...

Well the first problem is that no one, except possibly Michelle, in the Obama admin knows anything about African Americans. So it's easy to understand how they didn't know which bloggers to invite.

And the whole thing was problematic because it seemed to me that Obama was afraid that the general population would find out that he was having a meeting with....African Americans.

So I'm glad that some of those bloggers exposed the meeting.If he's afraid to be seen in public with us then we shouldn't have any respect for his requests that the meeting be secret.

I'm sick of Obama; can you tell?

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - have any older black folks scolded you for not being in love with Obama? ha ha ha If Michelle is the only person that knows about black folks the next 2 years are going to be a rough one. ha ha ha!