Monday, October 18, 2010

Living in 3rd World America...

"We can do for ourselves if we get the right help." ~ Patty Roseboro, resident of Blackmon Road.

America is one of the richest countries in the world. But you wouldn’t know that if you lived on Blackmon Road in Rock Hill, South Carolina. American’s are living in conditions that could resemble any of the poorest countries in the world. Most of the residents of Blackmon Road live without running water, electricity and septic tanks. If you are thinking that this can’t be true, it is. Have you ever heard of a neighborhood in 2010 that needed a Wash House? And if you are wondering why people don’t know about this, they do. Former Senator John Edwards went there in 2007 to highlight the plight of the residents. Unfortunately his message of putting a spotlight on poverty was dimmed by his sexual exploits.

These folks have been living like this for awhile and it seems that only a few care. One individual is a Republican by the name of Marvin Rogers. You can stop laughing now because it’s true!! Don’t confuse him with South Carolina’s other famous Republicans. I didn’t say Representative Joe “I’m famous for calling the president a liar on TV” Wilson or Senator Jim “I don’t like Gays and Single Women teaching my children” DeMint. If it was up to them, they would nuke the residents and put up condos. But Marvin Rogers seems like he really gives a damn. Unfortunately for him he has a big problem in my opinion. He might be a black republican but blacks won’t vote him into office. Mr. Rogers can thank Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for that. This neighborhood is an example of the many skeletons that America has in her closet. We truly can’t call ourselves a great nation when we have people living like this. This is disgraceful….


Val said...

And that's not the only place without running water. I saw something on TV about a Black community in I think it was Illinois that has no water either.

Shameful indeed. And has Obama done anything about it? Of course not but if there was a White community without running water he'd be all over it.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - I bet there are communities like this all over America. Think how many presidents were in office while they lived like this? I don't see Obama doing anything different.