Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Clarence Thomas worth the call? Do you think he looks like Denzel in the dark?

Ginny Thomas made a fool out of herself when she called Anita Hill asking for an apology. If you don’t know anything about the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill saga, you were either in a coma, outer space, or a newborn. Apparently Ginny is still upset over what allegedly happened between Ms. Hill and her husband. Maybe she is psychologically scarred because she thinks her husband likes black women. Well let me be the first to ease her fears – that cat doesn’t want to have anything to do with black women. If a black woman was on fire, he wouldn’t piss on her to put the flames out. Usually it is the other way around – a black woman is calling the white woman about her man (post racial love I guess?). Mrs. Thomas needs to realize that no black woman (AND I MEAN NO BLACK WOMAN) wants her husband. Well maybe a single version of Conservative Black Woman would like him?

When I first heard about the phone call I thought Mrs. Thomas was on the sauce. But I realize that she didn’t really want any drama. She called Ms. Hill on Saturday. What college professor is at work on Saturday? Ms. Hill is a professional lady so she probably did the right thing by turning the tape in. If she called a “Sista” from “around the way”, she would have been thoroughly cursed out!!! After 19 years, she was not going to apologize!! And now after the phone call, she ain’t never ever ever ever ever going to apologize. Mrs. Thomas must be feeling herself because of her new fame. She has been running with the Tea Party (another bandwagon Republican trying to hitch a ride on the train because they think it will boost their agenda) and bad mouthing President Obama anytime she gets in front of a microphone. I personally think that his wife shouldn’t be involved in these activities because it shows bias. But since we are being honest, maybe Clarence is already biased? New information regarding meetings involving Thomas and other conservatives has hit the internet. It’s tough presenting your case in front of the judge when they have already decided the verdict!!!

Side Note: Still think it’s crazy to think everyone in Washington is on the take?

Mrs. Thomas needs to learn how to “CHARGE IT TO THE GAME.” This woman called Ms. Hill like her husband was Denzel Washington. Let’s be real about who Clarence Thomas really is? It’s not like dude is Ebony Magazine cover material!! But if his wife thinks he is worth fighting for, I’m not going to change her mind. I just think it’s funny that the other woman never wanted him.


Val said...

"When I first heard about the phone call I thought Mrs. Thomas was on the sauce."


Yeah she's def delusional. But privilege (and being associated with the Tea Party) will make one delusional.

I think she and old uncle Clarence are a perfect fit.

As for Ms. Hill, I hope she continues to ignore this nonsense.

Cheris Hodges said...

This is a clear case of there is more trouble at home. A cute little intern at the SC is making Old Clarence think about going black again.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - I was talking with a person on twitter and we think she might not be getting any at home. Thoughts?? ha ha ha

CherisH - Really? Do you think he secretly desires...well I can't imagine that...ha ha ha

Nell said...

when i saw the story, i thought hellll naaaaw! and coming from a white woman? she's asking for a beatdown and had i been Ms.Hill, i would have definitely delivered.

there apparently is some question as to whether some tea partiers are sponsoring her and maybe prompting mrs.thomas to do something like this. she was clearly looking for this to be put in the news, calling at a time she knew it would be left on an answering machine. and knowing how race became the main factor in that incident in the 90's, i wouldn't be surprise if this was the beginning stages on a red herring being laid for the 2012 elections. i'm not exactly sure what they're planning or setting up, but it is definitely something centered around race and it will more and likely be very very ugly.

Citizen Ojo said...

Nell - Maybe, but if this is part of some larger plot it's just a distraction... I see another woman is coming out saying Thomas was who Hill said he was. Another Sista...mmmm Maybe Mrs. Thomas is getting nervous with holding down the belief that her husband was framed. She was sipping before she called. I need to know if she sounded drunk on the tapes..ha ha ha