Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Would you like some hot lead with that Pizza??

Another case of why they are building more jails than colleges. I hear black folks talking about how the system is taking advantage of young black men but that’s all who you see on the 6pm news. They aren’t walking across stages receiving diplomas and they aren’t being interviewed for coming up with a cure for a disease. They are robbing, raping and running for cops. Sure we could refute these images if there was a news program to counter that but we’ve been there already. Two young men lost their lives trying to rob a chain store that makes pizzas. This wasn’t some Oceans 11 type stuff. This was a step up from robbing a package store. This scenario isn’t just happening in my city of Charlotte. It’s being playing out across the nation. I hope the guy that killed them doesn’t lose his job. Although I don’t know how Pizza Hut will look down upon his form of “Rough Justice.”


Anonymous said...

Why is a sheriff driving for Pizza Hut?

Citizen Ojo said...

dg - he didn't work for the man anymore.