Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Running the numbers with Baby Daddy.

An episode from last weeks HBO’s Hard Knocks showed New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie naming his children. Cromartie is accusing HBO of re-shooting the scene to make him look bad because people are saying he doesn’t know the names of his chaps. Of course, HBO has said that Cromartie is incorrect in his recollection of the event. If I had “8” children, I probably wouldn’t remember their names either.

*Side Note* Word on the street is that Cromartie has “8” children with “6” different women in “5” different states.

The real problem is that a “20” something year old man has “3” Three Year Olds!!!!!!! He didn’t say that they were triplets so um…..er….eh!!!! Did that man impregnate “3” women in the same year?? Dayummm!!! That’s just nasty!!! But he’s rich so it’s acceptable. Oh hold up! My bad – earlier this year the NY Jets advanced Cromartie “$500,000” for child support payments.

*Side Note* Please check out No Wedding, No Womb! America we are in crisis mode!!!

Cromartie has no one to blame but himself for this fiasco. HBO saw something that was bizarre and they milked it for what it was worth. That’s what they do on Tel-lie-Vision!!! I’m not going to stop watching HBO (if I could afford it) because they snookered a human sperm bank. I do hope that he has a long - long - long - long playing career so he will have something left after those child support payments.


Anonymous said...

saw this episode...all cromartie wanted was some camera time. one would think he'd be embarrassed to rattle off (and somewhat struggle) to name all his kids. and then to see he presently has a newborn -- sheesh. how does old dude find time to play football? what a clown (and so are the women as far as i'm concerned). the kids are always the ones to suffer.

Redbonegirl97 said...

He is such a dumbass. He doesn't deserve to enjoy one moment with his money.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Val said...

This guy will be broke within two years of retiring, guaranteed!

And I'm with you; what struck me was that he has 3 three year-olds. Wow.

BluAssassin said...

Why are women still having sex with this guy knowing how fertile he is? I didn't watch the video for fear of conceiving his 9th child. LOL

Anetra said...

Love the page and I am DEFINITELY on board with No Wedding No Womb. That might be why I'm still single. :-)

Citizen Ojo said...

TB_BT - His kids probably won't meet him until they are 18. The cycle continues.

Redbonegirl97 - Wow! Tell it Sista...ha ha

Val - He better get some property or stocks. Something that he can build a nest egg on. If he can't manage what he has uh oh!!

BluAssassin - Yeah, his stuff just drips off the screen.. Matter of fact don't touch the computer..

Anetra - Hey, Thanks for coming by. I hear it's rough being a single black woman. I guess I'm just amazed that men are really still trying to have unprotected sex and the fact women are sleeping with them unprotected??

Anonymous said...

Wow, some men don't deserve to have sperm and he's one of them. I don't know who brought up the fact that he has kids. If it was him, he has no shame to bring it up. If it was brought up by producers, he should have said no comment.

The Other Woman said...

Who are these women that allow any man to run up in them raw like this. It seems that some women have lost their cooth. This is sad. Where are his parents? Does he have a father that has been involved in his life?

Where is any of the care?

Citizen Ojo said...

nicoledanique - Hey, Thanks for rolling thru. The fact that he said he had 3 - 3 year olds and wasn't shamed about it speaks volumes. He must not know what that makes him look like?

The Other Woman - Hi, thanks for stopping in. I think the women might have saw a paycheck but with all the diseases out here now is it worth it?