Thursday, September 09, 2010

Old black folks robbing our black youth - another example of a “civil rights” politician that should retire.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, from the 30th Congressional District of Texas, got caught slipping last week. She had awarded thousands of dollars in Congressional Black Caucus scholarships to her relatives (i.e. grandchildren, grand nephews). Her excuse: she didn’t know it was wrong! I know you are probably thinking that she must be a first term congresswoman to not know this. Sike!! This chick has been in office since 1993!!! I was a Sophomore in college when she got her gig in D.C. I am now in my late 30’s and she is still in office!! And she has the nerve to talk about she didn’t know???

*Side Note* Still don’t think we need Term Limits for Politicians???

Well if she didn’t know the media did!! In July, I did a post on The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. It was obvious from the piece that they wanted to avoid anything that made them look shady. The foundation’s general counsel, Amy Goldson, came out saying that Johnson violated the rules. So I’m pretty sure they weren’t too pleased with Congresswoman Johnson and her scholarship give-away. All of the time she has spent in congress and she gets caught with her hand in the scholarship jar?? Why don’t these black politicians know better? They were sent to Washington to make sense of the political machine not to become influenced by it. The dope boys aren’t the only ones out here hurting the community. She must really think the people in her district are stupid. Wait until parents realize that their children missed out on scholarships because of some trickery. I’m also sure that ignorant black folks will talk about how the “white man” is plotting against blacks in congress. Well I have bad news for all my black nationalists out here in internet land. No need to blame the white man for this one. Johnson was wrong and she needs to face whatever repercussions come from this illegal activity. My personal suggestion – do the citizens of Texas a favor and retire immediately!!!!!!!!!!!


the uppity Negro said...

This is something fundamentally wrong not just in the black community but really because of American culture that teaches capitalism. Core values are that "its a dog-eat-dog world" and "I get mines before you get yours" and it allows for doing underhanded things if it provides one with an advantage or a privileged position.

I mean, crap like this happened at my church for crying out loud!! Only certain kids got certain scholarships. What used to piss me and my parents off was that these kids were the sons and daughters of families that could AFFORD to sent their children to school. I mean my parents anted up and made some sacrifices to send me away, but, my parents sacrifice to pay for college with a household income far enough under $100K is serious.

Sorry, kids shouldn't get scholarships or free stuff if their parents have a combined income of over $75K. There are far more kids who could use the couple hundred, coupla thousand dollars to put on their college tuition or books.

And we wonder why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Vanishing middle class my a$$o

Reggie said...

She didn't know she was wrong my ass!!!

Some of these bullshit politicians seriously need an enema!!!!

Citizen Ojo said...

the uppity Negro - when the people that were sent to protect us are crooked what do you do??

Reggie - she is a horrible liar...ha ha ha

uglyblackjohn said...

Many of these people feel that they deserve whatever they can take because they may have endured past wrongs.

Citizen Ojo said...

uglyblackjohn - Reparations!!! Wow!! These suckers!!

the uppity Negro said...

@ Citizen Ojo

U find enough intestinal fortitude within yourself and do the job with integrity for the people.

I believe in political newbies because it keeps the power in the hands of the citizenry, and most importantly, it keeps you in a position where you can't be bought. The only problem is that the bounty on your head goes WAY up and folks no longer are spending money to buy you out, but to outright get rid of you.

(FYI, I've been watching The Wire on DVD and iTunes, sorry, if that sounded like a random line from them, lol)

Citizen Ojo said...

the uppity negro - "The Wire" is so educational. "The bounty on your head goes WAY up !!" Wow.. and I thought we were talking about politics..ha ha ha Someone once told me the higher you go you have to sell your soul. I laughed when they told me that. But I'm not laughing anymore.