Friday, September 24, 2010

Velma Hart told tales out of school. Uh oh!!!

I learned something from President Obama’s town hall on CNBC this week. The Democrats are in trouble!!!!! Organizing for America won’t be able to email their way out of this one. Velma Hart spoke up and said what a lot of people are afraid to say. The words “I’m exhausted of defending you,” wasn’t a made up statement. They are words that are spoken in silence by many of Obama’s supporters. The last 2 years have been a doozy. How did we go from “Hope and Change” to this?

On Tuesday, Andre Egleshon sat in for Reverend Al Sharpton on his radio show. Apparently Egleshon was upset with Hart for speaking her mind. He blasted her for putting Obama on the spot. Every time he stands in for Sharpton he spends his time praising Obama. Egleshon must be trying to get a job in the Obama Administration. Too bad for him - Obama has already hit his black quota for new hires. I’m sick of black folks dissing other blacks because they aren’t kissing black politicians behinds. Black folks are not monolithic and we should be able to speak our minds. Hart voted for Obama so she has no interest in seeing him fail (how ignorant would that be if she did??). Every other black is afraid to say something for fear of losing their “Black Card.” Black folks have rested on Symbolism and have lowered expectations for our politicians. Instead of “Real Change” blacks are hoping that they can get the pot hole in the street filled. You question black folks on Obama Administration policies and all they can tell you is how good 1st Lady Michelle Obama looked on TV. Really??

Every other race and gender is knocking on Obama’s door. Anytime black folks try to speak to Obama they get dirty looks from other blacks. It seems blacks have to suffer in silence in order to keep the symbolism going. I know that Obama is the head of the American Empire so he has to look out for everyone. I get it!! I wish black folks would stop saying that to calm the waters. No one is telling the Latinos, Gays and Jews to stop pressing Obama. People look out for their self-interests in politics. That’s how the game is played (fortunately and unfortunately). Everyone else is playing “Chess” while black folks are playing “Tunk.” The Democrats are going to be in a world of hurt this November. The White House gambled on making the economy a quaternary priority and now they are paying for it. You have some Democrats that won’t even get near Obama in fear of losing their elections. Republicans ran from President Bush in his last years!! Wow! The Democrats are starting early!! Obama’s opposition is fired up and ready to take him on. His support staff never saw this backlash coming. But then again they don’t have experience dealing with a black man that’s president. I guess they figured if they run from black folks and call out Glenn Beck they will be okay.

The Democrats should use Velma Hart as a voting barometer for this November. The new voters that became Democrats weren’t doing it to be Democrats. They wanted to be Obamacrats. A lot of loser Democrats rode into office on Obama’s coat tails in 2008. If they were on their own, they would have never made it past the primary. So imagine if voters are feeling “Some Kinda Way” about Obama now….well you can figure out what will happen in November.


Val said...

Obama is lucky that was Mrs. Hart and not me at that town hall meeting. Because if it had been me Reverend Sharpton's people would really have something to talk about!

And Obama really got on my nerves last week with his speech to the CBC. He ignores us and then has the audacity to come to us begging for votes!?

uglyblackjohn said...

Those who put Obama over the top weren't Black voters - we're far too few in numbers to have done it ourselves.
Obama got a lot of votes from those seeking real change.
Many are the same voters who are now baking the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.
People are just sick of poitics as usual.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - Wow! Tell us how you feel. ha ha. I wrote this because I didn't like Mrs. Hart being attacked for saying what is really on her heart. Other people are thinking the same thing but they are too afraid to say it. I really don't like President Obama's response to her and I don't think he gets it.

uglyblackjohn - And you are correct but let's do the numbers. Obama didn't do well with Male White Voters and overall Older White Voters so it's safe to say that Democrats, Young White People, First Time Voters, Blacks and Latinos gave him the victory. I think that it's safe to say if Blacks and Latinos stayed home. Obama would have never made it to D.C. The Democrats count on black votes every election. Why do you thing they make their scheduled black church visits near election day? They know without a strong black vote they are in trouble. So although blacks didn't bring big numbers (based on our population size) blacks still brought something to the table. From what I see from the Tea Party (in particular on a local level) It's made up of people that are pissed off at career republican politicians and democrats and the only politicians that they like claim the Tea Party Title. You take a fired up Tea Party/Republican Base and a tuned out Obamacrat base and see what happens.

Reggie said...

No politician should be above a valid question or a valid statement from a registered voter.

No one.

At least she was defending the president, I'd stop doing that a while back. While I'm pleased with a few of his moves; overall, I've found his administration more frustrating than anything else. I was hoping for real change too.

I will say that I have yet to feel as if my vote were in vain though. My entire voting life I've found myself voting for the lesser of two evils. There was no way in hell that I was going to vote for the geezer and that crazy bitch from Wasilla anyway.

I'm happy with the passage of the health care bill, but I'd hoped for a little more with that bill. I'm happy with our combat troops leaving Iraq, but I'd like them ALL to come home from there and around the world.

When I compare his administration with the last one, it's not difficult to feel better. But without question, I wanted to see more.

Constructive Feedback said...

Brother Ojo:

I have a tear in my eye after reading your post. You are officially off of my "Progressive who is a Democrat who is Black" watch list. I will officially make this change on

Let me ask you a question, bro.
Is it possible that the real problem with Black people is that we have been conditioned to believe that the ONLY means of community development is via the political process? This and that the Democratic Party as a vehicle for progressive policies and thus all who speak this language must be protected?

Ojo - if the White voter in Alabama and MS that voted for McCain to the tune of 89% are "racists" because of this - what should be said about the Black voter who despite his 16.3% unemployment (AND every single one of his local institutions where he lives in the majority controlled by the same machine) yet his approval of Obama is at 88%-90%?

I look to open minded bloggers like you to "Take Back The Black Community's Consciousness" away from the ideological and political hijacking that it has suffered.

What COMPETENCIES have been developed among our people in support of our ability to address the problems that remain in our communities using the INSTITUTIONS (schools, etc) that we now have control over.

This economic situation is going to last far longer than most people believe. Even prior to it happening the Concorde Coalition said that 2016 was going to be the day of reckoning due to Baby Boomer retirements.

If our people can't use this clearing in the jungle of systematic racism to develop the INSTITUTIONS that will allow us to DEPLOY our human resources, having them work toward directed outcomes - we are in trouble as the centralized nanny state proves to be unable to feed everyone.

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - Keep hope alive Reggie. He is going to need at least 1 vote in Nov and that could be yours. His problem is the people he has surrounded himself with. A good team will help him in the areas where he is weak and showcase his areas of strength. McCain played himself when he was running for office and he double played himself recently in his election this year. So far to me everyone has proven that they are all politicans and nothing more. It's to the point where we are voting for the lesser of two evils.

Citizen Ojo said...

Constructive Feedback - You had me on a list? Who are you? The Black Joseph McCarthy?? I guess if COINTELPRO is your thing what can I say. Some people fish, or read others like surveillance. I've told you before that I'm an Independent but I guess you refuse to believe it.

To answer your question: I do think that Black folks have been told to vote for Black Politicians by black civil rights leaders but I do see where blacks will go off script i.e. the past Memphis, TN congressional campaign where the black candidate was making the race about race and he lost. Conditioned is a strong word to use for all black folks. Maybe blacks of a certain economic condition but not all blacks. I think the blacks are now starting to see the importance of Finances to building communities. Some are still waiting for politicians to pass laws and bills to make this happen. Other blacks are silently building wealth via stocks, bonds, real estate etc..

I hate the argument of if you vote white you are racist, if you vote black you are racist. Did some people vote for McCain because he is White..Yes!!! Did some people vote for Obama because he is black…Yes!!! But think about how many blacks voted for Bill Clinton. And although he might think he is. He isn't black. The Republican party has a poor track record of reaching out to blacks so if it’s between voting for the Palin and Obama (yes McCain got overshadowed in his own race) who do you think the citizens of Detroit, Chicago, Compton, Harlem, Gary Indiana etc are going to vote for. We’ve seen that having a mostly Democratic Leadership in Detroit has done absolutely nothing for the city. But besides the Republicans what other party or non party person has can come in and given voice to reason and could obtain enough votes to win?

If Black Bloggers are going to work together to find solutions we have to realize that we’ll always have a difference of opinion. Some black bloggers are more liberal than you but they really want the same things you want. They just have a different road to get there. I’m a moderate so I’m progressive in some areas and conservative in others. But I don’t like beating others down because they disagree with me.

I'm concerned about the Financial Crisis not improving anytime soon. That's why I really wish that Obama would have jumped on it earlier. But that's another story..

We “Black Folks” have got to realize that we are on our own. We can’t count on politicians to help us because they are too busy helping themselves. Should they be fixing potholes, passing healthcare legislation, and making rules to help or protect us….Yep. But they are too busy taking money from lobbyists and enjoying the perks of public office. In order for us to fix our schools we are going to have to look at our parenting skills first. In order to change our financial situations we have to learn how to save money and invest. In order to keep our streets clean and safe we have to stop being involved in criminal activities. But I don’t see anything wrong with us creating a Political Pac to address interests if it’s organized (key word). I don’t see anything wrong with laws being passed to keep companies from discriminating against me when I look for a job. Or providing assistance to my city if we have an epic natural disaster. The Govt is a necessary evil. Someone has to protect the member of our society who are not well established or connected. I’m not unrealistic and think we live in a post racial society. Some Republicans are bothered that Obama is black…let’s keep it real. They and others like them wish they could put us back on plantations faster than you can say “yesa boss”. But until more people gain an independent streak in their political philosophy we will always have a two party system.

Anonymous said...

We are in a state of many on both sides being not worthy of our vote. We have to vote the lesser of the 2 EVILS. The tea partiers, with their signs, are telling us it will be "back to slavery." The republicans are saying, "It's what Republicans want or nothing else." Thus, you need to get out and vote! If there is an independent, go for that candidate! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how Black folks stand.

Anonymous said...

Never mind who constructive feed back is! If you are really looking at both sides, you would know that a president doesn't have total power. You criticize the prez and he hasn't been in office that long. He has had more problems than most presidents and for that reason alone he is doing good. Where were you people when Bush was spending every dime he could find and giving the rich more money? Why weren't you protesting. Your generation is so laid back and so critical of your own - the crab mentality. You have to realize, having a black man in the white house has probably revealed some stuff that even he may have a problem breaking through. If you want to protest, jump on the Koch brothers for trying to change the laws that would help poor people. The same poor people they are using to push their agenda or too ill imformed to know it.

I thought you were unbiased too. There are some good things the prez is doing. You don't want to see them. That's one reason blacks don't get ahead. They pull each other down. If you list the good with the bad, you're unbiased. Listing what YOU THINK is negative, you're just like the tea party. Maybe you have been listening to them too much. Wake up brother!

You wouldn't have been offended from Contructive critisim if you were doing a good job!