Friday, August 13, 2010

You’ll never get married now Savannah. Blame it on sexy “South Beach.”

Lebron James "forever" girlfriend mentioned that “Miami was not my favorite place” in a People Online article. Apparently if she was in charge they would have ended up somewhere else. From the looks of the skyline in the photo, New York would have been a popular choice. It’s nice that People let her express her views but because she is a live-in girlfriend her say in the matter doesn’t count. At any given time Lebron can replace her with someone young and new. The most she can get is child support and some furniture. Unlike a married woman who can take her husband to the cleaners. What confuses me is that she referred to Lebron as her “soul mate” but they aren’t married? I guess that is how you do when your boyfriend refers to you as a sidekick. Must be some new stuff the kids are doing now. Well she doesn’t have to worry about him proposing now. Sexy South Beach will give him less incentive to say “I do.” She should also expect him to come home late at night and stay out on the weekends. Sorry Savannah, but the parade of clear heels won!!


Val said...

Yeah one of the reasons I don't like LeBum is because of his baby daddy status. I don't get why women play themselves short like this.

Nik said...

Savannah's interview was all nonsense. Nothing but a bunch of contradictions. They are not on the same page at all. He's my soul mate, she's my sidekick? Which is it?

She's just trying to make it all look and seem okay, she's not fooling anyone but herself. He needs to do right by this beautiful young woman and give her the respect she deserves as the mother of his children and a woman who's stuck by him.

Elliott said...

Bosh sent his "sidepiece" back to Toronto quick! I give them until Christmas to get it together...or else.

Great blog!

Citizen Ojo said...

Val and Nik - I see the women aren't down with the baby mama thing...ha ha ha
When women decide that they want more from a man - men will step up.

Elliott - Not Bosh too?? ha ha ha. Thanks for stopping by. Come back again.