Thursday, August 12, 2010

If Wyclef insists on carrying this “presidential thing” out, I hope he reads this first.

Because of my blog, people automatically assume that I want to get into politics. I always shake my head at that assumption. It would take a gun to the head in order for me to get into politics. I don’t want to spend my days telling people what they want to hear. Sometimes what we need to hear is what we need the most. Politicians of late have been doing such a terrible job that people in the streets want to take their place (yes that means you Alvin Greene). It reminds me of the current downfall of the mainstream media and the rise of blogs but I digress……

Nothing speaks more about citizens running for office than the Wyclef for president campaign. Haiti has had such failing leadership that a rapper wants to lead the country. Next thing you know Hurricane Chris will run for Louisiana State Senator. I personally don’t have anything against “Clef” but I think that Haiti needs more than what he can give them. “The Carnival” was an excellent album but running a country isn’t like laying down a track.

I usually don’t give out advice for free but if Wyclef is going to be a politician, he needs to do the following:

A. Ditch Family and Friends that will taint your name.
Exhibit A – Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick was done in when she still supported her loser son through his legal woes. She knew her son wasn’t worth a darn but she kept rolling with him.

She went from this:

To this:

I know “Black folks” like to keep things real but there is being real and being unemployed. If you run for office you have to appear honest and crooked family members will not help that image. That also means you can’t buy bootleg movies at the Barbershop!!!

B. Keep your finances in order.
Exhibit B – Congressmen Charles Rangel and William Jennings Jefferson

Rangel has been accused of not filing personal financial disclosure forms on more than $600,000 in income and assets. His excuse: they were unintentional errors.

Jefferson hid $90,000 in his freezer. Generally there is nothing illegal about hiding money in your freezer unless it was taken in a bride (that would be you Mr. Jefferson). If you look in the dictionary under cold hard cash, you will actually see a picture of Jefferson.

Wyclef is going to have to be accountable for all monies being spent. And word of his misuse of charity money and tax problems don’t help any.

C. Yes! Yes! Yes! You need to micromanage.
Exhibit C – President Barack Obama

I truly hate micromanagers. I especially hate them standing over my desk while I’m working. BUT! Presidents need to be hands on. Obama does too much delegating for my taste. Instead of getting “outside of the box thinking” cabinet members he brought in Project Managers. Because of this he always appears to be hands off important issues. Wyclef can’t appear to look hands off because he already lacks experience. People on the outside looking in will think he is not running the country. This will cause him to lose respect in the eyes of his countrymen and women. Whether building bridges or giving children tetanus shots. Wyclef needs to be involved and personally leading the charge. If you are trying to pass an important piece of legislation don’t stay quiet!?! You need to make the message and sell the message.

I know Wyclef probably won’t read this but I thought I should give it a try. Now that The Fugees album looks like a dream deferred. We can wait for T.I. to announce his bid for mayor of Atlanta. Why?! Everyone else is doing it…


Jennifer said...

I'm interested to see the outcome of this. I was hoping that maybe he just wanted to get citizens involved and people engaged more than wanting to *actually* be President. I confess that my heart sank a little realizing that if he's doing this, then there isn't going to be another Fugees album ("album", lol!) and I just read the Lauryn Hill was back out in the sunlight. Oh well. TI for mayor would be interesting. He did habe on a sweater and button-up for in a video I saw just maybe this is the beginning :)

Anonymous said...

aw Come on. HE CAN'T DO ANY WORSE THAN WHAT THEY HAVE. Maybe he has administration skills.


Citizen Ojo said...

Jennifer - As far as T.I. is concerned anything is possible. I still have faith in Lauryn Hill to put out a hit album.

Anonymous - you must be a supporter of Wyclef? Or someone that doesn't live in Haiti!! ha ha ha