Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey Obama Administration!!! Nobody Likes a Whiner!!!

Every time White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs talks, he makes me miss C.J. Cregg (i.e. a television character that was a White House Press Secretary). When a fake Press Secretary does a better job than the real one, it only means one thing – someone needs to be fired!!! I’ve never liked Gibbs in his current position. He talks to people in a flippant manner and occasionally puts his foot in his mouth. I also haven’t forgotten how he disrespected April Ryan. I know he got the job because he was rolling with President Obama from the giddy up. But when a person isn’t qualified for a job, it really shows. No matter how hard you try you just can’t cover up incompetence. If you don’t believe me, do you remember Michael Brown? Gibbs again showed his ignorance last week but he also showed something else. As suspected, the Democratic Party has an “I’ll call you when I need you” stance when it comes to their constituency. It is even worse when it comes to their most loyal base – African Americans. Last week Gibbs complained about the “professional left” and their complaints regarding Obama. He also said that “these people ought to be drug tested.”

So what is the professional left you might ask? Well the mainstream media says that it’s the liberal media that he was complaining about (i.e. Keith Olbermann and friends). But I think some other people could have been lumped in that category as well. The Congressional Black Caucus (actually any black person that takes issue with Obama), Gay Rights Activists, people for a sensible immigration policy, and Anti War Far Left types could fit in this “professional left” group. These groups voted for Obama in large numbers because he promised change. He also promised each of them a lil sumpin sumpin (as they say in the streets). Well everyone except black folks, he didn’t promise us anything. But again, no one asked him for anything either…but I digress…

It’s not uncommon for religious organizations, special interest groups, and minorities (that includes you too Latino’s and White Women) to tell the president what they want to see during their administration. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don’t. I wish the president could only hold office for six years. That way we don’t have to worry about them running for office their second year in the job. If they had six years uninterrupted, maybe that would cut down on all the slick talk. Politicians’ spend two years telling you what you want to hear, then four years convincing you they won’t be able to fulfill their promises but you still will benefit from whatever they can do. Wait a minute!! Are we electing Presidents or Pimps? Opps…My bad…but again I digress……

The Obama Administration has no business being upset because people that voted for them are mad. It comes with the territory. President Bush (Junior) didn’t care who was mad at him. He would keep going along with Vice President Cheney’s his agenda regardless of what anyone thought. People are mad because they don’t think things are getting done. Didn’t Obama know that American’s are impatient people? We use microwaves to heat up food and drive thru’s to pick food up. We don’t like waiting on anything. Add joblessness, an endless war, greedy capitalists and you have a recipe for disaster.

Obama promised some of the following:

To ban lobbyists from working in his Administration (White House is full of lobbyists)

To televise debates on C-SPAN (most of the negotiating went on behind closed doors)

To End the War (um….er….eh….next!!)

To End Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (as if this is going to happen)

To provide a Public Option in the Health Insurance Bill (this concept went the way of the Dodo Bird)

SO AGAIN!! It should not be a surprise that his backers are upset. And these are just some of his promises. And God Forbid if you are black and have a complaint. You stand the risk of being chastised by other black folks. You also get ignored by the president himself. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for black folks to ask what is going on with the jobs (green jobs, manufacturing jobs, white collar jobs – any kind of jobs!!). Blacks make up the largest group of unemployed people (also a larger percentage of Obama voters) with black men in double digits. The Obama Administration won’t speak on race issues but will get involved with building permit issues for a New York City Mosque??? And you wonder why some black folks look at the White House with a *side eye*. I’m still waiting on Shirley Sherrod’s beer summit. I need for the Obama Administration to do us all a favor and stop complaining. People don’t want to hear you complain because you aren’t getting love. They want to see you produce. And if they aren’t happy with what you currently have done – work harder!!! The Democrats bragged about running the Senate and House of Representatives when Obama rolled into office. But they have struggled to get bills passed?? Blue Dog Democrats and Far Right Republicans are their problem, not mine!! So why do I have to keep hearing about people holding them back from carrying out their agenda? Either quit complaining or just quit!!! In other words: Don’t get into a fight if you think you are going to get bruised!!!


Val said...

If Robert Gibbs was Black he would have been fired long ago. Just ask Desirée Rogers, Van Jones and Shirley Sherrod.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - You listed some oldies but goodies on your walk down memory lane. Hmmmm I wonder???? ha ha ha