Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Doctor and a Husband's Racist Friends can’t define me.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger ended last week whimpering after getting chastised for saying the “N” Word multiple times (i.e. 11 times) on her radio show. Nita Hanson, a black woman, called Dr. Laura to get help with her 3 year marriage. Her husband, a white man, has friends that make disparaging remarks about black folks. And Mrs. Hanson wanted to know how to handle the situation (this segment should have been called (Oh my!! I think I married a Racist????)

For a full transcript of the incident go here.

After taking it all in and thinking about it, I have a different take on this. I’m not mad at Dr. Laura. I can’t be mad at people for being honest. Apparently she loves using the “N” Word and has been waiting a long time to say it. With phrases such as -

“I don't get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it's a horrible thing; but when black people say it, it's affectionate. It's very confusing.”

“We've got a black man as president, and we have more complaining about racism than ever. I mean, I think that's hilarious.”

“Don't double N -- NAACP me.”

you can tell Dr. Laura is using the old “Post Racial” kick as a cover for her hatred. I like when people are honest so I know the “REAL” person that I’m dealing with. Not the fake person that they want me to believe them to be. Just like I’m glad Sarah Palin showed up this week to tell Dr. Laura to “Don't Retreat ... Reload!” Now I know how Sarah Palin gets down too. If she wanted to shore up her “African American” support for any future presidential election, that ship sailed away with two middle fingers in the air.

My problem with Dr. Laura is that she keeps saying her 1st Amendment Rights were taken away. She used her “rights” to say the “N” Word eleven times. And if a sponsor decides to drop her, (which some did) than that is their “right.” There are consequences and repercussions to what we say and do. Listeners and companies don’t have to subsidize racist behaviour. That’s the bad part about speaking out. Some people might not like what you have to say.

My real problem is with Nita Hanson. How did she marry a man that has such a lack of respect for her? How does a man let his friends and relatives bad mouth his wife’s race in front of her? And why is she still with him? Is she in love or just happy to have a white man on her arm? My sister in law is married to a white man. Probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met. But I wouldn’t have any respect for him if my sister in law was running around like Mrs, Hanson. Respect for your spouse goes beyond race and ethnicity. If he lets other people disrespect her, I can only imagine how she gets treated behind closed doors.

One last thing about this “N” Word business!!! The word is tired and dated. To all the racists out there – please stop thinking the word is going to upset me. You no longer can use the word as a control mechanism to make me think I’m less than you. Although you may not see me as an equal, I know my history. And to black folks that keep using the word as if you have a love affair with it. You are the reason that we are in this predicament. You have inadvertently given people permission to use the word. Don’t ask me how or when!! But now everybody wants to say the word and they can’t wait to say it. Everyday politicians, right-wing radio pundits come close to saying it but they never quite get there (unlike Movie Stars). It’s a slick way to use it (for its true intended purposes) and claim ignorance all at the same time (i.e. “I thought it was cool because it was in a song?? Really???) They need to go fool someone else with this. I’m just not buying it!!!


Humbly Beautiful said...

Great point about the woman's husband. Have not heard that being addressed yet.

Val said...

CO, how did you get in my head like that?

When this happened I could have cared less what (fake) Dr. Laura had to say. I was wondering what the heck was up with that Black woman and why she hadn't packed her bags and gotten the hell away from her worthless husband.

And when she did interviews everyone was so hyped up on the (fake) Dr. Laura thing that they never asked her about her husband situation.

Citizen Ojo said...

Humbly Beautiful - That's because people are focused on what Dr. Laura said. The Husband part gets swept under the rug when that is what really needs to be addressed!!

Val - That's because great minds think alike. You need to go ahead and do a guest post on my blog, I can't pay you but you will get my love and admiration....ha ha ha
I saw her interview on CNN and she said her marriage was great but really? Is she crazy or in denial? What she thinks is a perfect marriage sounds toxic to me.

Reggie said...

**Reggie stands up and applauds!!**

I hear ya brother, preach the word. I wasn't upset at "Dr. Laura". I know what she is. She's been walking like a duck and quacking like a duck for awhile. I was upset at Nita Hanson's stupid ass for calling into that so called "show" in the first place!!!


RainaHavock said...

You been reading my tweets haven't you? :p lol I said the same damn thing about the Husband! How could he sit there and let his friends and family disrespect her and how in the hell she could just sit there and say with him. She's either love struck or colorstruck. I also love who they just swept him under the rug. *side-eye*

Also Cosign Reggie!

msladydeborah said...

Excellent Post!

Val said...


"You need to go ahead and do a guest post on my blog, I can't pay you but you will get my love and admiration.."

Ha! Thanks for the invite!

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - I'm trying but I don't have a pulpit like Glenn Beck. RainaHavock - I think she might be colorstruck.

msladydeborah - Thank you ma'am

Val - I'm serious...