Monday, June 07, 2010

Post Racial Dreams turn to Obamacrat Nightmares.

"You can't vote against health care and call yourself a black man" ~ Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr

Congressman Artur Davis (aka Persona non grata in the “Yellowhammer State”) wasn’t paying attention when Jesse “The Patron Saint of Negro Folk” Jackson made the above statement to the Congressional Black Caucus. YES, Artur Davis, he was talking about you!!! And Jackson was saying it to your own organization!? Davis really wasn’t reading the tea leaves during his campaign for Governor of Alabama. Davis, a Harvard Law School classmate of President Barack Obama, was so inspired by Obama’s Presidential run that he wanted to emulate it (on a more local level of course). Obama’s victory had Davis thinking that it was his moment to do the impossible. He thought by appealing to white folks he could show that he was for all people. No matter how many times I read that last line it still doesn’t make sense. Davis was once touted as the - could be, might be, maybe, next Governor of Alabama. Davis, through poor decision making, decided to run a November campaign in the spring. His handlers forgot that he needed to get out of the Democratic Primary before he could run in the General Election. All his mistakes eventually came back to bite him in the end. These democrats don’t understand that it’s not about the party. The reason a lot of them are in office doesn’t have anything to do with their platforms. During the 2008 General Election, they rode Obama’s coattails into office (Yes I’m talking to you Governor Beverly Perdue!!!!). It’s like Sean Combs (or is it Diddy?) getting you into the VIP section at the club. Girls (or Guys) are only talking to you because you know Sean Combs/Puffy/Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy. Any other night you would be outside behind the velvet rope.

When you are running to something, it also means you are running away from something. Davis ran away from the very people that put him into office. He chose “The Middle” over “Black Folks.” And that is his god given right to do so. Just because he is black doesn’t mean he has to appeal to black folks. The only time you see Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas near something black is when he’s wearing his robe to work. Davis could have used some of Obama’s 2008 “Black Magic” in this off year election. Black folks weren’t voting like they were back in 2008. If you think about it, white folks aren’t even voting at 2008 numbers. This was going to be an uphill battle from the start. What made it worse was his vote against the health care bill. That was his classmate’s first piece of major legislation and he voted against it. During that time, if you were black and didn’t support the healthcare bill you were crucified out in public. You could’ve had a legitimate reason to not support it but that didn’t matter. Many black folks weren’t hearing that. You were either for Obama or against him. Did I say “what made it worse” already? My bad, I forgot to mention that he didn’t kiss the ring of Alabama’s black establishment. Now we are officially at the Worst!! Everyone knows that you have to “shake hands and kiss babies” with your own folks!!! Davis should have known that he needed to go on black radio and eat chicken dinners and such!!!

Well the chicken dinners didn’t go uneaten. Ron Sparks, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, didn’t have a problem kicking it with black folks. And that’s why he will be Alabama’s democratic candidate for Governor. Instead, Davis made Alabama history by becoming the first black candidate in a statewide race to lose the black vote.

Side Note: The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries??? Really Artur?? Really??

Davis said that he was done with running for office at his concession speech. No Duh!

You need to get out of politics when the following happens to you:

1. When you can’t get votes in your own Congressional District (Low).

2. When you can’t get votes in your own home county (Lower).

3. When you can’t get votes in your own voting precinct (Lowest).

All of this led up to Davis losing 61 of his state’s 67 counties. To say that this loss was stunning is an understatement. Excuse my Japanese but Davis got his ass kicked!!! He even got creamed in white majority counties!! And these were the same people he was trying to appeal to? If I was him, I would pack up a U-Haul and ride out on Interstate 20. The state of Alabama gave Congressman Artur Davis a vote of no confidence. I hope these black politicians learn to find their own voice. Stop chasing Obama and do your own thing!!! The Obama effect was a once and a life time event. If these politicians think it means anything else, they are kidding themselves.


uglyblackjohn said...

Many candidates fail to understand that that they need to be "Black-Plus" not "Un-Black" in order to win.

Val said...

After four years of Obama running to the center and away from Blackness Obama better pay attention to what happened to Davis in Alabama because Obama's day is coming to in 2012.

Dylan B. said...

I am co-signing with both uglyblackjohn and Val and adding that Artur Davis should not even counted his chickens before they hatched and paid big-time. He seriously abandoned everybody who literally put him in office. This just does not go out to the CBC who abandon their own but think just because they have a Harvard degree that they automatically can win any office of their status.

Citizen Ojo said...

Uglyblackjohn - "Black-Plus"??

Val - I don't think Black Folks will leave Obama in mass. He seems to get a pass for his overlooking black folks. I think Michelle has alot to do with that. Davis by passed blacks and voted against Obama. He got tagged with the term "Player Hater" ha ha.

The Smoking Ace - The Obama Effect can fool you if you let it. Davis is now waking up to the reality.

Val said...


I agree that Black voters won't leave Obama en mass but he could lose several percentage points of Black support and that could be a problem if the economy doesn't get better and the GOP puts up someone like the Mormon from Massachusetts.

Val said...

Wow, was that a run on sentence or what. Ha!

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - The "Massachusetts Man" is as credible as a box of animal crackers but I get your point. Personally I just don't see any one that looks like true competition. But on any given day anyone can step up. A few months ago Bobby Jindal looked silly. Now he is the man...

Anonymous said...

Did you see Al Green won an election in SC. I believe many thought he was THE singer Al green. This Al Green doesn't even know what it is to campaign.

Citizen Ojo said...

Anonymous - ha! ha! Al Green? You need to stop...

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Davis ran away from the very people that put him into office. [/quote]

My good friend Ojo.

How ya doing brother?

I have a question for you based upon your statement above.

Is it possible that the people who DON'T "run away" from the people of the 7th district of Alabama are doing more harm to them than did Artur Davis?

Prior to Obamacare more than 50% of the citizens of the 7th were dependent upon Government health care. Despite having 2 major universities nestled inside of their district - they were unable to tap the human resources within their district to provide the level of care that they demand.

I must ask you - as they receive access to more health care services per Obamacare -the legislation that Davis did not support:

1) What increased organic competency that emanated from the district has supported their access to this heightened care?

2) What increased economic productivity can you point to that buttresses their care?

Do you see, Brother Ojo - Brother Davis was not wrong in his position. The people were given a choice. They chose to VALUE THE WORTH OF themselves as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS - by looking toward the national government to prove that they are worthy WHILE THEY NEVER looked at the educational resources close to home that would allow those who need jobs and training to match demands with competent suppliers.

Citizen Ojo said...

Constructive Feedback - My Dude!!!
Everybody has been wondering where you have been. Well let me stop lying. Only I was wondering. I don't think other folks like you that much. Something about not playing well with others I think.

Listen - I see your facts and figures but that is beside the point. What happened is what happened. Whether you like it or not. Maybe black folks are going against their own intrests? They still voted the way they voted. Davis took a gamble and he lost. He should have known what the "political waters" would be like. The argument you have needs to be taken up with the black folks of Alabama. This big Government argument is getting old. I noticed that people don't want it until a natural disaster breaks out. I'm starting to believe that people like it when it works for them. But they don't like it when other people are getting the benefits from it.