Monday, May 31, 2010

Waving bye bye to May as it turns the page on a low note.

Observation #1 – If you want to bet against it don't. Plutocracy always wins.

It’s not a surprise that the Government seems impotent in their dealings with BP. Current members of the Obama administration have served on various boards for the company. A wise Muslim once told me that “Man can’t serve two masters.” In 2008 all I heard was change, but all I keep seeing is Lobbyists. I don’t expect President Obama to clean up the Gulf Region with a roll of Bounty. However, I do expect him to hold BP’s feet to the fire. If they can’t fix the problem, find someone who can!!

Observation #2 – You can't make them love you. You can only hope that they do.

Dwyane Wade’s unhinged wife is making quite a name for herself in the Chicago court system. Siohvaughn (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) Wade is currently on her 9th lawyer in her divorce case. Apparently Siohvaughn is not pleased with how the proceedings are going. Her strange behavior in and outside of court is becoming stuff of legends. She’s demanded the names of her husband’s sexual partners and accused him of giving her an STD. You know – the usual stuff people do when they go through divorce. I know that Siohvaughn was with Dwyane before he got on the gravy train so I understand her being a little upset. But all this other stuff is ridiculous. Adding fuel to the fire: Actress Gabrielle Union, Siohvaughns, main target of displeasure, is currently dating Dwyane.

Side Note: Not bad Sir, not bad at all

I wonder if the Siohvaughn will raise enough dust to throw shade on Union’s reputation? If Mashonda Tifrere’s crusade against Alicia Keyes isn’t working, I guess Union should be alright.

Observation #3 – Black politicians were not put on earth by God to save Black Folks. They are of course - Politicians!!!

The Dishonorable Kwame Kilpatrick is going up the river “again” for lying. I guess he wasn’t paying attention at his first trial. Kilpatrick was previously ordered to pay restitution to the city of Detroit but out of his mouth came the following in a recent court appearance:

*“I don’t know if my wife works.”

*“I don’t know the amount of rent.”

*“I don’t know who pays the bills.”

Side Note: Case Closed!!

Really dude? Spending time in jail earlier didn’t tell you that the legal system was serious? My message to Kilpatrick: “Don’t drop the soap.”

Observation #4 – Our pleasure might be someone else’s nightmare.

Television and movie star Gary Coleman passed away on Friday. Although he will forever be known for his role on “Different Strokes.” Coleman was in the acting game since the 70’s. Some “mainstream” Hollywood actors can’t even say that much. Coleman made us laugh when he was trying and when he wasn’t. His exploits outside of acting were bizarre and became punch-lines to many jokes. We never really knew what his real life was like. We didn’t understand what it was like for him to be forever seen as a child. Hollywood didn’t think he could play adult roles and damn sure didn’t think he could do breakout ones. All Coleman knew was acting so without that what else would he do? You add in some strange jobs choices outside of acting. Then throw in lawsuits against greedy people and the rest is history. I can’t say that I never clowned him upon hearing of his exploits. Nor will I try to act high and mighty on people who did. I just hope that now he finally gets some peace.


Val said...

Actually CO, I think Alicia's rep has been hurt. A whole lot of people have been calling her out for some time. I just don't think the White media has picked up on it.

I think a lot of people have changed opinions of her now and in the long run I think it will affect her career. And this is coming from an Alicia fan.

As for Wade's wife; she'll get paid by Dwayne. Then she'll get her reality show. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they were already filming. Lol

The Smoking Ace said...

I thought I was the only one who thought this about Alicia Keys. I think her rep is just a little dented. As for Obama, he just need to step because he did not handle the BP situation good. On the good side, jobs are coming back.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I am so happy that you said that about the black politicians being the saviors of black people. I elected an official to save the problems of the people as a whole not just a single group. Yes it would be awesome if Obama or any other black politician were able to do something specifically geared towards black folks, but what would you want? To let all back people out of jail, to say that the black has been done wrong and he is going to fix everything? I mean come on, really. I get sick and tired of people thinking just because you are clack you have to do something extra. As long as you are doing the job I elected you for then no worries.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - You are on it. I was thinking that his wife would get a show or end up on someones show. She is pissed so good or bad television that will make.

Smoking Ace - Nope, I mentioned the Alicia Keyes thing on Twitter last week and folks were shocked. It's an uncomfortable subject. Do you stop listening to a person that you love because of what they possibly did? It's the R Kelly thing in reverse. To those folks- let you conscious be your guide.

Redbonegirl97 - I call out black politicians on this blog. IF they aren't doing their job I pull their card. IF white politicians aren't doing what they need to be doing they get it too. Equal Opportunity Card Pulling on this blog. I don't believe in giving out "Hood" passes to corrupt black politicians. That's how we got to where we are now!

Nik said...

I understand what Redbonegirl is saying and I somewhat agree. Black folks are always for Black politicians and are so quick to abandon them when one thing doesn't go as they expect.

Alicia's sales were hurt this time around because Mashonda's been blasting her for a bit. I think people will get over it and should get over it. No one knows what happened between them but them. A lot of the women who have bad to say about her, do the same shit on regular basis. They just aren't in the spotlight so their hoe-shit stays hush hush. Lol. Hope their baby doesn't look like Kat Stacks, cuz Kat looks like Swizz in drag. Sorry.

Citizen Ojo said...

Nik - Kat Stacks takes a beating on the net!!! She should retire....ha ha!

beholder said...

You don’t like it.

You don’t like it cause the white man losing his power. Yes I said the white man is losing his power. Everywhere you look it happening.

Here a lesbian running the city. Here a meskin own the airwaves. Here a Muslim, a brother, here the landlord a quiet Chinese but he don’t bow and scrape. You used to buck your teeth and squint and he remembers. Now you pay the man.

For you the only black man worth mention is Bill Cosby or Famous Amos. That what they teach you in the schools. But you do not have the power to stop Louis Farrakhan.

You locked up H Rap Brown, Huey Newton, the only place you keep a black woman on her knees.

You keep the monkey on the junkie back, locked up tight and messed up so when he come out he ties up again, maybe this time be the last.

You deny the Tea Party a white supremacist organization. But I don’t see any black faces in that crowd.

You say that your Miss America not barred to any color, but when the real beauty win you claim it was rigged against the whites. Oh you losing your looks too baby.

And you don’t like it.

That’s why you keep a list and laws. That’s why you lie about it, distort the figures on murder, kidnapping, rape, the crimes that white people refuse to do. Assaults, smugglers, drop houses, home invasions, drugs and welfare recipients. These are the small pox blankets poisoning the minds of America.

And who care about something – anything! -- other than that a socialist.

Presidents elected while black deserve the black ball. No matter he cleaning house after the white man’s watch, the house that the black men built.

This is America.

What’s not to like and cheer about?

We got illegals in our schools getting learned on the white man’s dime and why is that they always a white man on the dime, nickel, quarter or dollar in the country of freedom and equality. E pluribus unum.

Out of many, one.

Yeah, we know who the money is. We know who the many and who the one.

We got madmen trying to take the Indians out of Cleveland and the Redskins out of Washington. We even got our Fightin’ Whities trying to fake us out.

Rights are there for the white man, promises for everybody else. Promise of reparations promise of reservations, promises never to do it again.

And like every promise ever made by the ones writing those rights who it went to? Who get the benefits? Who turn those words into profit?

Now those laws are turning. This nation is rising up and sinking under your feet. It’s got a rotted core. It’s an earthquake, tsunami, storm and rage that rend the bedrock of your temple. The alabaster pillars going to drop.

The great white father turning to dust.

No more entertainers, no more football players, no more basketball, no more waiters and dishwashers, no more cleaners with your white shirts, nobody to hate cause they part of America too. Look around you.

They running it!

--An immigrant poem by beholder

Reggie said...

So much of this is true Citizen Ojo; but I believe that Alicia Keyes has already started paying the price for what she's done. As time goes on, I think it will become more clear.

Karma is a bitch.

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - Maybe Karma is being stuck with Swizz Beats??