Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everyone wants to be President of the U.S. No, not our current President though, just President.

It’s painfully obvious that television pundits were not pleased with President Obama’s Oval Office speech last night. I guess he didn’t say what they wanted to hear. But that’s the downside of being president. You can’t please everyone and you never will. There are 3 basic camps in the U.S. when it comes to Obama’s job approval.

-People that think Obama isn’t doing enough.

-People that think Obama should do more.

-People that think Obama can do no wrong.

Side Note: You want people in the last category around you if you are a criminal. They are large supporters of the stop snitching campaign.

This BP (once called British Petroleum but now they want to down play their oil roots….um yeah right!!) mess has put Obama’s leadership skills on display for everyone to pick apart. Can Obama control the oil companies or do the oil companies make the rules? Can Obama get Congress to sign off on regulation to move us beyond oil? The questions go on and on. And to add fuel to the fire, (pun not intended) we are still fighting a war that started 9 years ago. General Petraeus spends his days planning war strategy in the (HOT “A”) desert and he gets dehydrated at a Senate hearing? Are we ready to bring the troops home yet? And bringing up the rear is Glenn Beck with his daily critiques on Obama. Beck says Obama doesn’t want to meet with the BP CEO because he is a white man?!!? You may now insert the sound of *crickets* here.

Even random folks are now stepping up to show Obama up lend Obama a hand with his most pressing issues.

Regular Random Dude - Gary Brooks Faulkner, a 50 year old petty criminal, was arrested near the Afghanistan border. When the Colorado resident was apprehended, they found a pistol, a sword, night-vision equipment and Christian religious books on his person. No he wasn’t auditioning for the Middle Eastern version on “Clue.” Faulkner was on a mission to track down Osama bin Laden. Family giving their opinions on Faulkner, said he wasn’t pleased with the Government’s progress in finding Osama. I thought that he was just doing it for the $25 million reward. Because he is a crook I understand the night-vision equipment but why a sword? Only Pirates and Ninja’s carry swords? Faulkner, get your Rambo together and then give it another shot.

Famous Random Dude – Who knew Kevin Costner had machines that separated oil from water? They don’t even have that a “Subway.” Yes, that is right, the movie star Kevin Costner. You would have never guessed that Costner was into the process of centrifugation. This guy was once one of our biggest movie stars. He was in some of America’s biggest films (we’ll gloss over “The Postman” and "The New Daughter”). He was even Whitney Houston’s love interest in “The Bodyguard.” For those that don’t remember, that was the “before the drug use got out of control” Whitney Houston. I guess somewhere along the line he went into the oil scooping business with his scientist brother. Now Costner is testifying and selling his wares in order to provide relief to the Gulf. If I was Costner, I would sell machines with an autographed copy of “Dances with Wolves” in High-Def.

I think Obama gets bothered by some of the criticism because he thinks it’s unwarranted. I personally believe he would do better by firing all of his communication folks. They do him a complete disservice. I actually think he should fire some more people but you have to start somewhere. Obama has an image problem when it comes to the BP spill. Some black folks won’t admit it but others will. People are coming out of pocket because they don’t feel issues are being handled. Obama needs to let people know that he is in complete control. I know that “the angry black man” issue always comes up but we have to get passed that. Lord knows it’s good to have a person in control that is calm under fire. But would it be so bad to see Obama flare up on someone? I would if I was president. But then again, I'm only monday morning quarterbacking like everyone else.


msladydeborah said...

I watched his remarks late last night. There's a reality that he brought up and everybody seems to be trying their best to by pass it.

We are oil addicted nation. While BP is motivated by profits-it is our desire to have fossil fuel that moved the corporation to drill off shore. This is a point that I think the public at large needs to deal with. It is not an excuse for British Petroleum's actions. They definitely screwed up and it is a major disaster with longer term implications.

He also told the truth about the fact that there will be no quick fix for the oil leak. Which seems to be difficult for a lot of the new ecologist to grasp. This is a society that has adapted the fast food mentality about practically everything. The belief that Obama has the power to just stop the leak is out of the pocket. That is BPs responsibility and they look good working on it on a 24/7 basis.

The Brits are complaining because they feel that he is coming down too hard on BP. They are also equally as unsure as many Americans are about how he handles himself as an individual. I listen to the BBC at night and they spend a considerable point of time trying to define who he is. They think that he's pretty pissed right now. So this cultural perception is different than the one that Americans seem to have. I can only assume that their belief about how anger is openly displayed is very different than ours.

As far as the man who would take Osama out. I find it amazing that a man with a 25 million dollar bounty on his head has managed to elude the international authorities for so long. I wondered what would of happened if he had found him? I wonder if he had a plan to video tape the moment?

Citizen Ojo said...

msladydeborah - I appreciate the thoughtful words. That is different to hear that the Brits think that he is pissed off. That is interesting. I need to look more into that.

Reggie said...

Glenn Beck is an oxygen thief.

Citizen Ojo said...

Reggie - An Oxygen Thief...ha ha ha I believe that applies to alot of folks now. I like the term.