Monday, December 07, 2009

To the Coward that shot the college student at my Alma Mater.

You are the reason why black folks can’t get ahead. You hold us back with your ignorance and evil tendencies. You had an altercation with someone at a club and you plotted to get your revenge. But in your haste to get some “payback”, you shot the wrong person. You shot someone’s daughter, future wife, and future mother. You shot a future Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, or Entrepreneur. It is a blessing that she was not killed. What a loser you must be. You couldn’t even shoot straight!!! If no one has told you, I want you to know that you are a waste. The fact that you are breathing air should be a crime. You are taking up space that should go to someone else. Like most urban criminals in Charlotte, you probably have a rap sheet longer than an elephant’s trunk. You probably have been arrested before and it’s a guarantee you will be arrested again. If local repeat offender history is correct, you will spend your days going through the prison system only to be released back into society too early. I am sick of you. The rest of the community is sick of you. The only people that support you are the same people that you pray upon. And that’s because they are too ignorant to know when they are being used and abused. If I had faith in the system, I would hope for your capture and imprisonment. But I doubt you will ever come to justice. At this point I hope that the college student heals (physically, emotionally and mentally) and is able to continue her education.

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