Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the Year Music Showcase

Mayer Hawthorne

Speech Debelle

Shayna Steele

Esperanza Spalding

Raydar Ellis

Paris Nicole

Sound of the City DC

Nia Andrews

Question: Why put a music link on your blog? Answer: Because radio sucks. Listen to individuals/groups that should be on radio.


ImABlackPoem said...

Wow! I'm ashamed to admit that I knew of none of these artists & now I'm madly in love with EACH and EVERY one of them. Thanks for posting this on Twitter...I need some new jams to mellow out to...thanks :)

Some of the links are not working...I think you may have formatted them incorrectly when you posted the blog.

Citizen Ojo said...

ImABlackPoem - What's up Twitter Sis?? I think I got the link issue figured out. Glad you enjoyed the music. We have to get real music out to the masses. Radio has failed us. *Stepping down from my soapbox*

P.S. Don't be a stranger.

P.rofessional H.ater D.egree said...

End of the Year Music Showcase? How about some End of the Year Hate? Didja miss me...I think you did. Listen here Ojo, this music thing you have listed is nothing. You flash a pic of MJ, then you give me music by AJ. In case you don't know who AJ is, neither do I nor do I know those "musicians" you have deftly weaved into the harmonial lexicon.

I have HATED pretty much all of your blogs. Which conversely means I HATE your words. Subsuquently, I HATE you. But I will continue to read and HATE so that you may get the message. From now until the New Year into next year.

Perhaps a few of your blogs were witty and creative. The others were trash or remixed table conversations. Your low point was having that JCSU Billboard plug for some Doctor. High point, R. Kelly! Whoo. You can't do enough Kellz pieces. LOL That man pisses excellence. In fact, he pisses on people that he likes. I bet he would pee on you...

Next year, I will HATE a bit harder. It's actually one of my resolutions.

So there is my End of the Year Hate Showcase.

Hating you into the New Year!



Citizen Ojo said...

P.rofessional H.ater D.egree - Thanks for stopping by. I am always glad to see you. I expect an increase of hate in 2010. Keep up the work because you are doing a good job.

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Get Togetha said...

Love that pic of Michael.

Citizen Ojo said...

BMW - Hey! I don't read or speak Taiwanese. Do you have an all English Version?

Get Togetha - Thanks!!