Monday, December 21, 2009

If Shane Sparks gets booted from MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, who will sit beside Lil Mama?

December is starting to be a bad month for black men and the women they…like….er…..kick it with? Sparks has been accused of R Kelly-esque dealings with minors. Unfortunately for Sparks, what he was accused of doing makes R Kelly look like Father Flanagan from “Boys Town.” Usually when a celebrity gets in trouble we always act shocked. Just because we watch someone on television we think we know them. The reality is that we don’t know these people from a Dish Towel. Sparks is a talented choreography but that’s all we really know. For his sake and the victims I hope that all this is a misunderstanding. But the sad reality is it probably isn’t.

In the meanwhile, inquiring minds want to know what will happen to his seat on America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC). Sparks provided credibility to the program because of his work experience. JC Chasez danced back in the day with the White Temptations…oops…Backstreet Boys....oops….’N Sync. But Lil Mama, what in the blue blazes does she do? That chick has one possibly two songs and she gets a hosting gig on a dance show?? Her record catalogue looks like a bad spades hand – 1 and a possible. Her best performance was when she jumped on stage with Jay – Z and Alicia Keys. Because of Lil Mama other shows have followed suit with obtaining unqualified talent. America Idol anyone!!! If they did have to get a replacement, I wonder who would it be? Any suggestions???


msladydeborah said...

I cannot even think of anyone at the moment.

I happen to enjoy watching this particular show. There needs to be someone who knows something about dance to give it validity.

Citizen Ojo said...

msladydeborah - Realistically it would have to be someone involved in the "Art of Urban Dancing" ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Wade Robinson