Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bah! Humbug

Fools are going broke trying to keep their loved ones happy this Christmas. If you don’t have any money, you just don’t have any money. Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing. If the people that you love don’t understand that, then they don’t really love you. YES!!! This includes your nasty sugar addicted kids too. Some parents are running around trying to please their bad “A” kids. Why?? They were bad for 11 months out of the year and for one month they act like angels. You should have been kicking them in their behinds since January 1st but you didn’t and now they run you. Suckers!! I’ve watched plenty of kids play with their toys on the first day of Christmas. Two weeks later you can’t even recognize the toy because it’s so beat up. Or sometimes they don’t even know where the toy is. Let me give you a hint – it’s probably under the pile of Christmas toys from previous years.

American consumers are foolish for thinking that department stores care about them. They will entice you to get a credit card and tell you to shop until you drop. But be late on one payment. The cards interest rate will rise faster than Tiger Woods at an all White Party. You’re children’s children’s children will still be paying off on your 2009 Christmas purchases. Do these people even like the people they are buying gift for? If you are living with a man for 30 years and he hasn’t married you yet, why are you getting him a gift? He should come home and see his stocking missing. If you don’t get a diamond that joker should get s lump of coal and the boot. If you are dating a woman that you can’t afford why are you going broke trying to impress her? She most likely doesn’t even love you. She is really waiting on something better to come along. You should know this by the hints she keeps giving you. When you ask her about the future don’t you see her looking out the window? Merry Christmas Suckers!!!


Freckles said...

so what are you getting me for Christmas? lol.

I hear you but it is what it is. Things are different this year. I am not getting any gifts. I am however going to be sure to express my love for all of those that I have meant so much to me through the entire year. There are things more important than trying to spend money that I do not have. Not too mention I have been working retail this holiday season.

Citizen Ojo said...

Freckles - you have got the right attitude. But since you have been working retail I expect at least a 30% discount. ; )

Freckles said...

See folks always want something. Gee. I expected better from you - lol.