Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trying to put the Latino Genie back in the hotel shampoo bottle.

A white hotel owner in New Mexico wants his Latino workers to use “Anglicized” names on the job. Larry Whitten, the hotel owner, has been in the hotel business for a minute so maybe he knows what he is doing. Or does he? Whitten was concerned that his employees might start speaking Spanish so he told them to only speak English in his presence. Whitten had said that “people calling from all over America don’t know the Spanish Accents or the Spanish culture or Spanish anything.” He also said that his employees were hostile and some called him “the white (N) word.”

SIDE NOTE - If someone knows Mr. Whitten, can they ask him what exactly is a “white N word?”

The hotel (which is probably in actuality a motel – ha ha, just jokes…) is located in Taos, New Mexico. Just like everyone else outside of New Mexico I’ve never heard of the place. Actress Julia Roberts has a ranch there (if anyone was interested). If you look at any pictures of the city on line, it looks like the set of a western movie. I was actually waiting to see a stage coach in front of city hall. Apparently it is a hip vacation spot for skiers and people that enjoy wine. Who Knew????

I wonder what would have happened if Whitten took over a hotel in downtown Detroit. Would he tell Keisha to change her name to Karen? Would he tell his black employees to stop speaking in Ebonics? People don’t speak English in America anymore!!! Look at all the ads geared toward Latinos. Look at all the businesses that cater to Latinos. America has been playing a dirty game. They have turned a blind eye to our southern borders to let in cheap labor. They realized that illegal aliens were walking around with wads of cash so the banks started drawing them in. They realized that they could pay them less or even off the books. So now a hotel owner in the sticks wants English only as his businesses official language. Right…….

I’m going to keep saying this:

In case anyone hasn’t notice, Latino’s have joined the ranks of America’s favorite whipping boy. There is an anti-Latino backlash because basically there are too many of them (don’t believe me…ask Lou Dobbs). It was alright when they were picking up trash and cutting grass. Now they want the false “America Dream” and that’s when the problems begin. Does Whitten have the right to make an English only rule? Yes he does. His problem was that he didn’t survey his present situation. He didn’t look at what he was working with before he opened his mouth. Who do you think is the most likely candidate for hotel work in Taos, New Mexico? It’s not black folks with a less than 1 percent population. And it sure as hell ain’t white folks (not in mass) washing sheets and making up beds. Whitten better learn the motto “work with watcha got”. Everywhere I go know I see Latino’s speaking in Spanish. It’s too late to stop them from speaking Spanish. Might I suggest Rossetta Stone?


Brittanicus said...

As I perceive it the hardest place to install E-Verify, 287 G, or even directing ICE to raid employers is Sanctuary Cities and even States? CALIFORNIA seems to be the epitome of Sanctuary States, but it is estimated to be 127 cities and towns that ignore the US government. San Francisco and Los Angeles stands out as being Sanctuary cities where it's mayors Galvin Newsom and Antonio R. Villaraigosa, along with an compliment of police departments who have cultivated over the years a refuge for the impoverished illegal immigrants, illegal criminal of other countries. Very few businesses have enforced E-Verify, because at this time there is no mandatory law, except for federal contractors/subcontractors. Sen. Sessions has at this time been the fortress against illegal immigration through the Bush and now President Obama administrations. He is determined to adjoin E-Verify as a permanent amendment to the Senate Unemployment benefit extension bill H.R.3548 for 14 weeks. In the same amendment Sen. Sessions would require new applicants for unemployment compensation to have their citizenship status verified using E-Verify. The computer software program E-Verify could also be used for identifying applicants for drivers licenses, automotive insurance, all health care benefits, real estate purchases and mortgage and of course ineligible workers. Even the Public option if enacted in health care could be used to verify all positive recipients and over time become a very sophisticated matrix of data bases to reject ineligible applicants for government benefits.

Senate leaders are currently negotiating which amendments will be considered for the bill, and Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is trying to prevent a vote on the amendment altogether. E-Verify is becoming a significant potent weapon against illegal immigration in the ongoing battle. It has come under constant legal bombardment by a long list of open border organizations, including the US chamber of Commerce. E-Verify however remains intact, although other enforcement tools such as 287 G, has been weakened by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano. Without millions of dollars being appropriated, E-Verify on a continuous basis can eradicate illegal labor for pennies. No need for mass deportation as E-Verify will streamline removal of foreign nationals, owing to parasite businesses will be in incessant fear of being fined or sentenced to a prison term if apprehended by ICE for using illegal workers. As with 2010 census? Those who entered without--THE PEOPLE'S--permission, have violated our laws, and should not, must not be allowed to be enumerated in the decennial census? Is Washington so sure that they will pass this 2nd Amnesty, when Ted Kennedy previous comprehensive immigration reform turned into fraudulent travesty?

Ordinary American workers have become watchdogs for suspicious activity in the working environment. My blogs, comments and articles are limited in information, but keep this issue under public scrutiny. For more details of malevolent politicians who need to be constantly reminded who they work for? For immigration enforcement grading NUMBERSUSA. To light a fire under nonchalant politicians who are selling American workers futures to highest bidder contact WASHINGTON at 202-224-3121 As easily as you voted for these people, you can vote them OUT? Demand NO--MORE--AMNESTIES. Rebuild a two-tier Southern border fence as originally intended. TELL THEM YOU WANT PERMANENT E-VERIFY FOR EVERY WORKER, WHO’S ON A PAYROLL. STAND WITH SEN. SESSIONS. Study the corruption in every level of government at JUDICIAL WATCH. Read about unstoppable OVERPOPULATION GROWTH at CAPSWEB. Read lists of legislators are trying to push through another path to citizenship--alias AMNESTY at http://tinyurl.com/CIR-letter-to-POTUS. THESE CONGRESSMAN/ WOMEN WANT TO STEAL YOUR JOB AND GIVE IT TO ILLEGAL ALIENS? KEEP THEM EMBOSSED IN YOUR MEMORY AND UNSEAT THEM WHEN THEY COME FORWARD FOR RE-ELECTION.

the uppity Negro said...

Yeah, I heard about this, but I tried to reconcile it, but um, yeah, changing names for the sake of guests sensibilities is a hot mess.

Ride his ass outta town on a rail!

Citizen Ojo said...

Brittanicus - Thanks for stopping by. You have given alot of information to digest. I will check it out.

Uppity - I'm sure they want to put him on the fastest things smoking but he is digging in. This should be interesting.