Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Every Hero has a Nemesis, and guess who has one?????

Captain America had the Red Skull, Sherlock Holmes had Professor Moriarty and MSNbc has Fox News. And now I have a detractor. I’ve heard him on radio but never met him in person. I know he lives in the Atlanta area and is a black man (sometimes your own cut the deepest). I knew of his existence before our 1st run in because he was in an internet street fight (long story folks – we realize now that we should have sold tickets). A few weeks after that is when we first were introduced. I was guest blogging and minding my own business and BAM!!! Dude came out of nowhere and sucker punched me.

Oh my bad, I didn’t tell you his name. He goes by Constructive Feedback. Well like I said, he came out of nowhere with this black intellectual mumbo jumbo. Apparently he didn’t like what I said in my post. Don’t get me wrong because I don’t mind debate. I’m not the kind of blogger that expects people to agree with me. On my blog roll list I have numerous bloggers of different beliefs. They go from Liberal to Conservative, Pro Black to Kumbaya, Feminists, Pro-Gay, Not so much Pro-Gay. As you can see I don’t mind hearing all sides of a debate……if it is intelligent. So after I re-grouped and left my response I thought that would be it. Well he came back and went on and on and on and on and on. Have you ever tried arguing with a toilet seat? Okay, so now you know why I left it alone and went on my merry way.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I left a comment on my Frat Brothers guest post and a day later all hell broke loose. Constructive Feedback strikes again!!! My Frat Brother told me that he stopped by the comments section of his guest post. This time he was trying to slap everyone around that made comments. I would have laughed it off like I did last time but he got my attention. He left some smart comment in response to my comment. It was something like “I have to remind myself that these Negroes have a college education.” Oh really!!! It’s like that now?? This is the part in the movie where I take my gloves off. I’ve read this dudes blogs (yes, multiple blogs –i.e. like one is just not enough), his comments on other peoples blogs (yes, he is spreading his gospel throughout the black blogosphere), and I have even heard him on blog talk radio (it was an absolute mess – imagine Grady from "Sanford and Son" discussing Foreign Policy on "Meet the Press").

With all that being said……I’m not impressed. All I see is a slick huckster trying to make a name for himself. Another college educated Negro, that thinks he knows the ills of blacks because he read the Autobiography of Malcolm X and wore a Dashiki around campus. Feedback would like for you to believe that the only threat against black folks is mainly by black folks. He rails against Gangbangers, Drug Dealers, Black Politicians and I even think he hates black kittens. I find it odd that he never calls racism into question. Like it is some far fetched concept made up by Wood Elves. He feels that everyone should share his beliefs and God forbid if you don’t (FYI - don’t ever say anything bad about Clarence Thomas). He has the nastiest attitude and attempts to label and belittle you.

On my blog I give everyone the business!!! I jump on Black Democratic Politicians and White Conservative Republicans alike. I don’t pull punches or play up one political party. So when Feedback labeled me a liberal, I had to give him the side-eye. It just goes to prove that Feedback doesn’t know his Arse from a Hole in the Ground.

Well I’m here to say that this “Fake Black Nationalist” skit is old. How do you expect black folks to take you seriously when you talk down to them? That is not how you engage people in an intelligent conversation….even this “college educated Negro knows that!!” Feedback is full of more crap than a Xmas Turkey. He questioned a fellow blogger’s credibility and called him everything but a child of God. So why does he continue to visit his blog? Why would you call someone a fraud but still read their work??? Feedback is an attention getter. He is the guy in college that lies about how much sex he has. Or maybe he is the clown that comes into town to let you know the circus is coming. At times I can't tell which one.

During our first encounter, Feedback belittled my Fraternity for our work in the community. He attempted to give a back handed compliment. If a person truly cares about the plight of their people, they would be into consensus building. They would tear their people down in order to prove a point. That just isn’t cool. Learning how to listen to opposing views is a true sign of a man. Any cat can sit in his underoos and type away on his keyboard. But can they engage in real conversation that has meaning? Until you can figure out what you want to be, do me a favor. Get off my back!!!!


Max Reddick said...

Here, frat. Breath into the bag. Catch your breath. Now there.

Since I have been blogging, it has been my mission to build up our community. And I see a lot in our community that is going terribly wrong. I see a lot in our community that needs to be improved. I see a lot of places in our community where there is work to be done.

And having said that, I will say this. When you engage in a program of uplift, you cannot look down on those you are lending a hand to.

I, too, have encountered this individual, and what I have noticed is that he seems to not like himself. He seems to attempt to build up his own fragile sense of self thru attacking those less fortunate than he. But I do not wish to criticize; I only wish to make a point.

You remember that old joke Malcom X used to tell: "What do you call a black man with a PhD. in Mississippi?

You might denigrate your brothers and sisters and blame those negatives in our community on everything but racism, but what is there to gain? In the end, despite your best efforts to distance yourself from your people, the culture at large looks on you as an outsider. So, your best bet is to ground yourself with your people, warts and all, and lift even as you climb.

uglyblackjohn said...

AW man... Check out Denmark Vesey or Subrealism.
Ronald gets his ass spanked on the regular at those sites.

Citizen Ojo said...

Max - I needed you to tell me to Breath after you told me what he said. ha ha ha. I feel like Tyson in his prime. He can have his beliefs but he does not have to talk down to others.

That Malcolm X joke is as true now as it was when he said it.

UglyBlackJohn - That Denmark guy is something else. I'm suprise that Feedback even stops by there.

Citizen Ojo said...

OneChele - I'm helping to get folks up in the morning. God won't like that...that's his job. ha ha ha

P.rofessional H.ater D.egree said...

Who said you were a hero? A hero ain't nothing but a sandwich!

Once you have locked your first nemesis into Arkham, beware. More will pop up. Just like Batman needed the Joker, he also needed The Penquin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, etc...

I hate you too! So that means, I got next! (insert sinister evil laugh track here!]

the uppity Negro said...

Well, now you remember how I feel when I did my blast blog with CPL over at Jack and Jill Politics.

Look, I know I definitely feel that if everyone believed what I believed we'd all be okay as black people, but I also realized taking the "I'm the only enlightened" one path is just stupid. And thankfully I don't suffer from "Black-man-who-read-a-book" syndrome thinking that since I finally got around to reading Souls of Black Folk or The Invisible Man that suddenly I know what's wrong with the world.

Honestly, people like him I chalk up with the white racist blog trollers who have nothing better to do than just spew stuff.

But see, what sent me off about CPL is the personal attacks. Attack my logic all you want, but when you start making the personal attacks--hell, it's people like that that are half the damn problem.

So it's official now, we need to start the Black Bloggers Fight Club. The place to put other black bloggers on blast and call them on the carpet for their BS! LOL

Gerald said...
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Citizen Ojo said...

P.rofessional H.ater D.egree - Oh no! Not you too (insert sinister evil laugh track here!]

Uppity - We all need to hook up and create a consortium. But not like they did on "The Wire." That was illegal.

Constructive Feedback said...


I don't mind posts about ME.
Just give me the courtesy of TELLING ME that you are talking about me.

[quote] This time he was trying to slap everyone around that made comments. [/quote]

I was respond to people who made STUPID or BIGOTED comments that they could not effectively defend

It is nice to see Max Reddick NOW responds. It appears that he is rather loathed to respond to my words when I challenge his leftist/anarchial disposition.

Constructive Feedback said...

Since I have been blogging, it has been my mission to build up our community. And I see a lot in our community that is going terribly wrong. I see a lot in our community that needs to be improved. I see a lot of places in our community where there is work to be done.

And having said that, I will say this. When you engage in a program of uplift, you cannot look down on those you are lending a hand to.[/quote]

Max Reddick:

I have no control over YOUR view of what YOU are doing.

I can only ask one thing about your actions: ARE THEY WORKING???????

It is my assessment that YOU are not trying to "Uplift the Black community".

You are seeking to LIFT THE MATERIAL STANDARD OF LIVING FOR BLACK PEOPLE. You are satisfied with our people BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT, not concerned with our ability to ORGANICALLY DELIVER this standard per our own efforts of organizing our own people.

Here is the problem Max - YOU believe that YOU ARE CORRECT in all that you do. You have the best of intentions, after all.

When the OUTCOMES that are produced after the Black Establishment Machine obtains historic POWER is still SHORT - instead of you and others CHECKING YOURSELVES....you TRY HARDER at the same thing.

The RiPPa/Max Reddick/Bro Ojo /AfroSpear blog circle jerk should be labeled as this:


Your are a LEFTIST more than you can define anything about your efforts that are "uniquely Black".

Constructive Feedback said...

This is an IGNORANT statement from you:

[quote]You remember that old joke Malcom X used to tell: "What do you call a black man with a PhD. in Mississippi?[/quote]


Why is it that what the WHITE MAN things of you matter?

I read the saga of Francis Holland. He now lives in Brazil after noting that he is suffering from POST SLAVERY TRAUMATIC SYNDROME...though never having been a SLAVE. Despite having EARNED a law degree he became distressed when a WHITE MAN asked him if he is really a lawyer.

* DESPITE hours of late night study
* DESPITE thousands of dollars
* DESPITE having built up a body of knowledge


Max - is this white man POWERFUL or did Mr Hollins show his MENTAL WEAKNESS?

Kunta Kinte had to have his new name BEATEN into him. Mr Hollins wasn't even TOUCHED!!!!

You might denigrate your brothers and sisters and blame those negatives in our community on everything but racism, but what is there to gain?

You are an intellectual COWARD, it is clear.

The most DANGEROUS place for BLACK PEOPLE WHO THINK LIKE YOU TO BE - is in a community ALL BY YOURSELVES without the AGENTS OF RACISM bearing down upon YOU. As you come face to face with the WEAKNESSES of your own theories - YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT BUT THE CLAIM OF RACISM as the reason for your tepid results!!!!

[QUOTE] In the end, despite your best efforts to distance yourself from your people, the culture at large looks on you as an outsider.[/quote]

Max - help me out on this one.
Please tell me how YOU THINK I am distancing myself from MY PEOPLE?
Instead I am CALLING OUT operatives who have attempted to TIE my people to an IDEOLOGY that has not proven to MAKE US STRONG but only dependent.

YOU do not own BLACKNESS.
Your views must be put on trial and be PROVEN to work.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]AW man... Check out Denmark Vesey or Subrealism.
Ronald gets his ass spanked on the regular at those sites.

I am disappointed in you UBJ for making such a claim.

On DV - who is my most frequent debate adversary beyond KC Nulan, the owner of the Subrealism site?

I am banned from Subrealism for nothing more than having a series of debates with KC Nulan in which I stick it to him - taking his arguments in the present post and comparing them to his views on a different subject - DEMANDING THAT HE EXPLAIN HIS INCONSISTENCIES.

If you don't mind, UBJ - could you provide the URL to any debate on either of these two blog sites in which "I was spanked".

Thank you in advance.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Look, I know I definitely feel that if everyone believed what I believed we'd all be okay as black people, but I also realized taking the "I'm the only enlightened" one path is just stupid.[/quote]

Uppity Negro:

If I told you that I AGREE WITH YOU about the "Enlightened One" construct - would you be surprised?

If I then showed you on my blog where I call for a TRANSPARENT OVERLAY ORGANIZATION within the Black Community that insured that NO FACTION hijacked our focus from our PERMANENT INTERESTS - would this be in line with your slander of my views?

If I told you that we have a "Human Resource Management Problem" where despite the POLITICAL POWER in the "American Political Domain" that the Black Establishment has built up - we still have great problems with in. If I noted that the reason for this is BECAUSE our problems reside in the "Cultural Consciousness Domain", the area that has been left unmanaged as our leaders have outsourced nearly everything to American politics?

Ironically Uppity Negro - I have argued AGAINST everything that you claim about me.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE with some entity that enforces a TRANSPARENT alignment with our PERMANENT INTERESTS is what is lacking. An ORGANIZATION that is managed toward the MISSION eliminates the hijacking that ONE PERSUASIVE INDIVIDUAL might be able to impress upon the masses.

Please don't take Ojo's analysis of me. This is like asking the NY Yankees to give an objective analysis of the Phillies.

I have a voluminous set of my own ideas like an open book for you to analyse:



Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]During our first encounter, Feedback belittled my Fraternity for our work in the community.[/quote]

Please stop LYING!!!!

I told you that I appreciated all of the work that your frat, my frat and all Black fraternal organizations are doing.


Here is what is frustrating about the way you and other "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" think:

In your ideological bigotry you have tremendously HIGH and insurmountable standards by which your ENEMIES can never meet IF THEY give you a list of what they have done for Black people.

Likewise when your ideological friends tells you WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR BLACK FOLKS - the list alone is enough for them to reach sainthood.

I have the AUDACITY to switch from QUANTITY over to QUALITY and ask the question "IS IT WORKING"????

You can detail how you got your entire frat to put their fingers into the wall of the levee in New Orleans. If the wall comes tumbling down - should we make note of what you did or the EFFECTIVENESS of your solution?

You put fingers in the dike when there was a need for EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT.

Let me break it down to you Ojo:

Ultimately you, Max, AfroSpear and many others seek to AVOID SCRUTINY OF YOUR ACTIONS. You only want to be lauded for your INTENTIONS.

Look at how Max is DEMANDING that I accept that RACISM is the key "Dark Energy" that is lingering behind it all.

Just as a CHRISTIAN receives salvation if he BELIEVES that Jesus is his savior and thus all of their sins in the FUTURE are absolved. Likewise the BQPFRC has a dogma in which if a Black Person and White liberal Snarling Fox believes that RACISM IS THE PREVAILING FORCE holding down Black people in 2009 then THEY TOO can receive forgiveness for any action performed by the Black community that effectively works counter to our PERMANENT INTERESTS.

Ironically (and I am speaking to Max now) YOU appear to come from a church background and have chosen to remove yourself from the DOGMA because it has become detached from the core purpose of Christianity. Don't think that I don't "hear you" when I read your writings.

YET when I take this same template and apply it to the DOGMA OF "RACISM CHASING" that is present within the Black Establishment YOU CAN'T SEE THE PARALLEL!!!!!

What was ONCE justified because INDEED there was a grave threat because the law enforcement authorities DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR PEOPLE has now become a LITMUS TEST FOR ONE'S BLACK LOYALTY.

Thus - despite seeing a BLACK MAN SHOT 31 TIMES IN ATLANTA LAST WEEKEND - There was a bigger protest when a Black woman was beaten by a White man at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Max and Ojo - when one attempts to map out YOUR IDEOLOGY upon one common scale with the goal of documenting the VALUATION OF THE THREATS - it does not conform to LOGICAL UNDERSTANDING.

It is my belief that you all suffer from "Non-White White Supremacy" where you believe, as some White folks do: THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE SUPERIOR TO BLACKS.

the uppity Negro said...

@ Constructive Feedback

All I'll say is this:

how "constructive" can your "feedback" be if no one ever figures out a way to apply what you've suggested?

Otherwise everyone'll stop listening to you, and I'm quite sure you don't want that to happen.

Stay relevant to the people you want to help.

uglyblackjohn said...

Damn Ronald...
SIX posts?
To say what?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] how "constructive" can your "feedback" be if no one ever figures out a way to apply what you've suggested?

Otherwise everyone'll stop listening to you, and I'm quite sure you don't want that to happen.

Uppity Negro:

Do you mind if I translate your statement above? You can correct me if I am wrong.

It appears to me that you are making YOUR WILLINGNESS to view my statements as an accurate analysis of Black people in general and the "Ojo Crew" SPECIFICALLY based upon me making my words ACCEPTABLE to YOU.

If I don't make it ACCEPTABLE to YOUR JUDGEMENT then you and others will cup your ears and not listen to me until I learn how to talk to YOU.

Didn't Ojo say that I was operating in an "its all about ME" modality?

It appears to me that this is the disposition that YOU are taking. It is not about the TRUTH-INESS of my words. It is only about the packaging and if I can say what I have to say without being offensive to you.

Uppity - what of the people who DO appeal to your sensitivities and who NOW have power over our community. Can we look at the present domination of this faction over EVERY SINGLE INSTITUTION WHERE BLACK FOLKS HAVE THE FINAL SAY ON WHO WILL REPRESENT US and conclude that those who are APPEALING to Black people per our present CONDITIONED CONSCIOUSNESS also unerringly DELIVER upon our Permanent Interests as a people?

In truth Uppity - I am NOT OJO'S ENEMY!!!

Instead I am a discomfort to the "Status Quo" that Ojo and others have contented themselves with.

The "room temperature" for Black people has been set by those who we most frequently interact with. In as much as they have been Progressives, Democrats and to a varying extent - accepting of "Black Inferiority" as long as it is done in a TRANSACTION TO RECEIVE SOMETHING MORE.....this norm has been accepted as YOUR NORM.

I dare call for an enumeration of what we have received from this as a people. Which of our permanent interests have been achieved from this disposition?

I can read Max as he TALKS ABOUT THE POVERTY AND HOPELESSNESS AMONG BLACK CHILDREN on his blog. YET when I dare to pierce the claim that LINGERING RACISM is the cause of this and instead focus upon the LACK OF DIRECT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT at the hands of Black people and the Black Establishment - my STEPPING ON TOES triggers Ojo and others to seek out their maxipads and wage an attack and a protest against me.

Are YOU ALL the exclusive town criers of issues within the Black community because YOU CARE MORE?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]SIX posts?
To say what?[/quote]

You disappointed me on your responses UBJ.

It is clear that my '6 posts' have FAILED to move you.

What is also clear is that YOUR state of "immutability" is not necessarily a factor of any deficiency in MY WORDS.

One has to be "mutable" upon hearing a set of views that are sound enough to displace those in his own mind.......I'm just saying......AND one must be open minded after having taken the one hand off of his eyes and the other hand off of one ear and tell his buddy to remove the third hand which is covering his other ear.

UBJ - I can only evaluate you based on your responses which effectively rebut that which I have claimed in error.

At minimum you could have pointed me to the links on DV or Subreal - which supported your claims that I get tossed around over there.

(Hi Ojo. How ya doing this morning?)

RiPPa said...

Wait a minute? Constructive Feedback's name is Ronald?

Well no wonder he feels compelled to defend and represent the ideological leanings of those who are right of center politically.

Is his last name Reagan as well?

Listen Ron Ron, I know you mean well. Your problem, or the problem I see with you is the obvious deficiency when it comes to the art and skill that is communication.

Take it from me - one versed in said skill. You're not convincing enough in your presentation therefore you fail to close the deal.

You really should employ the use of the K.I.S.S. method in this medium. You know KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (KISS)....?

No joke Ronnie, you're a bore.

And one more thing?

It would really help you if every once in a while you present an opinion which remotely is connected or deals with the subject matter of Blog posts.

No seriously, stop it with your ongoing agenda the way that you do.

Remember that quote by Cornel West you took off my sidebar and created a whole post about me and it? Well see, you're the "new black conservative" that West speaks about. That quote on my sidebar is put there just for you and others like yourself.

But I guess even that flew over your head, right? I mean just look at how you attempt to tear into Max Reddick's comment above. What the fuck have YOU done Ronald?

Did you march in protest of the "Bloody Summer" which has now turned into a "Murderous Autumn" down in Atlanta? Is it that nobody will take you seriously if you do hence the need for more involvement from progressive bloggers like myself and pretty much everyone else on this post?

I mean if you need the help just ask and stop being an ass my brother. It's really not the way to affect change.

the uppity Negro said...


I give up.

Hope the echo chamber is nice.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Hopeless.I give up.
Hope the echo chamber is nice.[/quote]

Uppity Negro:

How do YOU plan to go into the ghetto and perform your racial duty in reaching out to a "hardened young Brother" who rejects everything that you believe in WHEN YOU give up so easily against ME?

I am a rational Black man who ONLY demands that you:

* Frame your arguments into a logical structure

* Detail where you think that I am wrong and provide details of such AND the harm that I am doing to the cause that you wish to enlist me in?

* Provide some sort of TRANSPARENT reference that you seek to draw me toward so that I can be a "Black man in good standing" not in YOUR EYES but with respect to this TRANSPARENT CONSTRUCT that:

* You
* Me
* Mr Holland
* Max
* RiPPa
* Ojo who's nemesis am I


In summary Uppity - detail for me the RULE that I am in exclusive violation of - while your array of friends have not suffered any rebuke from you.

(Watch my redirection of my good friend RiPPa over toward a TRANSPARENT measure of me - coming up)

I get the strange feeling that some of you prefer a Black man who AGREES WITH YOU yet when pressed, can't articulate what he believes.

I believe that I can not only articulate. my beliefs by can also tell you why YOUR VIEWS are strategically misaligned when they are.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I know you mean well. Your problem, or the problem I see with you is the obvious deficiency when it comes to the art and skill that is communication.

Take it from me - one versed in said skill. You're not convincing enough in your presentation therefore you fail to close the deal.[/quote]

My friend RiPPa - do you mind if I analyze your claim above?

You attempt to place my difficulties with you and your boys (sorry Mr Holland) upon MY communication skills.

Let's go back to a key point in time where despite all of the attempts at QUALITY COMMUNICATION - the prevailing wind had cancelled out all channels of communication.

RiPPa - let's go back to Mississippi 1939. A Black man is on trial for the rape of a White woman and is facing an ALL WHITE JURY

RiPPa - this brother had all of the faith in the world. He figured that all that he needed to do is to take the stand. Make use of his college education to perform perfect elocution for the "All White Jury". He dressed in his finest suit and new shoes. Having polished the shoes the night before himself.

RiPPa this Black man in 1939 Mississippi had a few other things going for him to prove that IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN HIM.

* On the date of the alleged rape he has a cancelled airline boarding pass from Southwest Airlines proving that he was in Los Angeles

* He has a cellphone bill showing that he was "roaming" in LA

* He has a glossy print out of the rally that he was the headline speaker for. It was a "Black consciousness rally", seeking to bring consciousness to BLACK PEOPLE - having our people realize that NO ONE CAN DEFINE US BUT OURSELVES.

RiPPa - the Black man in question in 1939 with all of this detail in his favor WAS STILL FOUND GUILTY OF THE RAPE of this White Woman!!!!!!

The key point that you need to understand RiPPa is that his GUILT IN THE EYES OF THE ALL WHITE JURY was not a function of the EVIDENCE that he brought forth.

The jury foreman said after the trial "The Nigra just didn't CONVINCE US OF HIS INNOCENCE. We say that White woman crying over what HE DID to her. I related to her as MY DAUGHTER. No darkie is going to get away with doing such a thing to no White woman. This should teach THEM ALL a lesson".

Do you see RiPPa - THIS WAS NOT A FUNCTION of the COMMUNICATION ABILITY of the Black man who was judged by the ALL WHITE JURY.

The ALL WHITE JURY had him GUILTY when they received the jury summons, walked into the court room and then SAW THE CRIMINAL DEFENDANT and saw the VICTIM.

I will allow you to figure out who is the ALL WHITE JURY of today that stands in judgement of ME, RiPPa.

Let me close by asking you to make note how the ALL WHITE JURY was neutralized.

It took an EXTERNAL FORCE who was more committed to TRANSPARENCY to come in and usurp the power to derail a person's life that the ALL WHITE JURY once had.

This transparency was referenced to the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the US CONSTITUTION and the concept of JUSTICE rather than the BIGOTED WHIMS of the jury.

This All White Jury learned that this Black man who stood before them was a STRATEGIC TARGET. If they could silence him they could keep thousands and thousands of Negroes from STANDING TALL - CONSCIOUSLY following by physically standing erect.

Constructive Feedback said...

RiPPa - I evaluate you and your clan not based on what you DISAGREE WITH ME about but instead how you ARCHITECT a rebuttal of my views.

You all have the AUDACITY to control EVERY DAMNED KEY INSTITUTION that is within our community that our people look toward for our civic services yet STILL you want us to fight your external ideological battle, looking past those who are harming us UPCLOSE AND PERSONAL with their incompetence.

Instead of MANAGING OUR HUMAN RESOURCES within our community by developing our people to service our needs many of you all on the left seek to make our people IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT. You all service the hunger without caring about the SOURCE and what you had to sell from your soul to obtain it.

You and others believe that anyone who is OFFENSIVE TO YOU IN YOUR PRESENT POSITION is WRONG because YOU ARE RIGHT and you have the POPULARITY AMONG BLACK PEOPLE to prove it.

Popularity does not equal effectiveness.

Citizen Ojo said...

Constructive Feedback – aka Ronnie.

I find it absolutely amazing that one post saying how you get on my damn nerves turned into an opportunity to display your beef with other black bloggers: http://bqpfrc-bias.blogspot.com/

You pass yourself off as an individual that wants to dialogue with black folks but you don’t know how to talk to them. I was absolutely correct in my assessment of you. You have a combative nature that consists of attempting to argue with people that don’t share your views. But you know this and you are okay with it. I can tell in your words that your whole goal is to argue people down. You keep mentioning this Afrospear Group?? - that I am not a part of. Ronnie?? Is this a group that you want to join but they won’t let you in? I don’t know the leader of that organization so I can’t help you. Maybe your application wasn’t filled out properly or you are just not their type (you can’t handle rejection can you???). There are plenty of groups for you to join if you want a sense of belonging.

I have looked at the following statements that you have thrown out for the world to see. I am curious though -how long did it take you to come up with them?

Ojo Crew?? – For me to have a crew, I would have to be a leader of a group. Thank you for thinking that highly of me but I do not have a team, group or organization. I’m sure if I did you would be knocking at my door trying to get in.

I am a discomfort to the "Status Quo"? – Ha ha ha ha. Okay okay Stokely Carmichael…. The Rebel with a Cause role that you play doesn’t match your Rhetoric. Are you for the good of black folks or yourself? I can’t tell. If you spent more time consensus building instead of tearing black folks down you a might turn some of your Rhetoric into something that is tangible. Instead we get a watered down version of “Soul on Ice.”

Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers?? - You remind me of Whitley Gilbert’s boyfriend Julian on “A Different World”. If a guy wants Universal Health Care he is a Socialist?? What do you call Canadians?? Racism Chaser? Highly unlikely but I’ll play along with your twisted sense of logic. If you call out Racism then you chase Racism? Well MLK’s feet must have been hurting because he was doing a lot of chasing.

Silly of you to think that attacking all these bloggers would prove your point. As you can see no one knows what you are trying to say. But that’s how you like it. It covers up the fact that you aren’t saying anything of substance. The Bully act is tired…why don’t you try something different?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ CF - SeeNew (and others) grew tired of you trying to hijsck a topic.
Most of the time the topic had been discussed weeks or even months earlier and no one felt like rehashing a tired subject.
But you persisted and people began to ignore you.

On a recent Max Reddick post, you tried to inject a point of view that wasn't being discussed.
It's like us talking about The Saints and then you come in and start to talk about how Katrina victims were at fault for their own demise. (Which may be true.)
When people don't wish to engage in that conversation, you persist to hold your own in your own little corner.

"The Rippa, Max Reddick, Bro Ojo, Afrospear blog CIRCLE JERK"?
Then your contributions are you holding your own (figuratively) in the form of masterbation (leaving no one satisfied or interested but yourself).

It's really not that you are wrong in your points of view - only that you seem somewhat socially inept and desperate to be heard.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

I am glad I am in such good company.

Where is Ronald's blogtalk radio show, what is the url?

I have to say that given today was a Sanford and Son marathon on my local cable spot here in Chicago, the Grady analogy made my day.

Chauncey Devega

Citizen Ojo said...

Chauncey Devega - Ronald doesn't have his own show (that I know of) He was on http://conservativeblkwoman.blogspot.com/
She doesn't like Obama and thinks he is a Socialist. It wasn't that bad of a show until someone questioned the host (conservativeblkwoman) on how she thinks Obama is going to turn America Socialist and she mentioned Communist China. That's when it went off the rails....

Constructive Feedback said...


You claim that I am attempting to "pick fights".

The truth is that YOU and others are attempting to shove an agenda, defending any threats. YES I am combative against those who seek to roll over "wayward sheep" as they are "Attack Sheep Dogs".

How is it that many of you are able to see through the abrasive and vulgar lyrics of a Jay-Z or Young Jeezy and understand that they are speaking on behalf of what goes on on the rough streets? You don't repudiate the modality of the message.

Yet, surprise, surprise - when I apply the same analysis that I am conditioned to do in my 9 to 5 upon what I see in the context of Black folks and the forces that are using us for their own agenda - it is ME who is in the wrong for calling out those who are users as such.

Constructive Feedback said...


You are viewing a "pissing match" between KC Nulan and myself, make note of the punches that I threw and only see MY OFFENSE.

KC Nulan and I have been trade barbs on many different blogs. It just so happened that the one blog that he has administrative control over HE chose to ban me.

YES I was a scarcastic SOB but I was returning the favor.

When it comes to my acute scrutiny of some of his claims - he didn't feel like being bothered to actually address the flaws that I have brought forth.

Like so many "self-proclaimed intellectuals" as long as he has a bunch of students at his feet listening adoringly but not asking formed questions - there will be no one thrown out of his class.