Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Mailman cometh............late?

On May 20th, 2008 I received this flyer in the mail concerning the governors’ race in North Carolina. As you can see on the flyer, the date has clearly passed. The person in the photo is the elected democratic nominee for Governor. At first, I thought it was a Republican trying to be cheap by sending dated material for the upcoming General Election. I started to read the flyer and the person that sent the flyer was one of her previous democratic challengers. I wonder if he was trying to get one last shot off before he rode away into the sunset? The first black mayor of Charlotte and other black politicians have supported her. The “sure I have black friends” endorsements didn’t impress me enough to vote for her. Black North Carolinians: Before she shows up at your church on Sunday trying to get that vote. You might want to ask her about Right Stuff Food Stores Incorporated. It might not be anything but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Anonymous said...

If it was nothing, WRAL wouldn't have printed it.

Or could it be that WRAL is running by friends of Republicans like Richard Moore?

The voting record speaks for itself. She voted against several bills that Blacks would support (investigating the KKK and something about MLK's birthday).

Either way, she should be asked about BOTH of these incidents!!!