Friday, May 09, 2008

I woke up pissed and broke today…. The NBA Version

I don’t write because I want to change the world or express myself creatively. I write because I want to rant. Please don’t let that stop you from reading this though. I do have something important to say. Latrell Sprewell a former basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, once said that he needed to make more money because “I got a family to feed.” This was said in a year in which he was supposed to renegotiate his contract. That was also the same year he would have made over $14 million dollars. Now I’ve been to Minnesota but I didn’t realize the cost of living was that high. Then again who am I to judge someone’s financial situation? If a man tells me he can’t feed his family off of $14 million dollars, then I have to believe him, Yeah right!!!! Just remember these statistics the next time you go to sleep at night. Nearly half the world’s population lives in poverty – that means they are living on less than two dollars a day. Sprewell must be related to the Klumps if he needs more than $14 million dollars to feed his family. Baby Whales don’t even eat that much food. This is one of the reasons college basketball is better than professional basketball. No whining and moaning about how much money they make. They play for the love of the game or at least for a scout to get a good look at them. Either way, they play hurt and they play for the honor of their program. Then they graduate - oops I’m sorry - then they leave school early and go to the pros and become another Latrell Sprewell. Don’t get me wrong the pro game has its good points as well but let’s look at this from a fans standpoint. You get up and go to work every morning, sit in traffic on the way to your job, and go to your job put up with crap all day long. Leave work to sit in traffic to come home to a TV. dinner and your only enjoyment is to watch a basketball game where people make millions of dollars and get arrested for public intoxication, beating women and complaining that they don’t make enough money. Just remember when you’re sitting down watching a professional basketball game that 1.1 Billion people will probably be hungry tonight. I told you I didn’t want to change the world. I just wanted to rant.

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"Klumps"..."baby whales"...