Monday, May 26, 2008

The Assassination of Barack Obama

Don’t be surprised!!!! You should have seen this coming. This is the same person that makes up mathematical equations like a mad scientist. The same person that rallied “uneducated” white men and women behind her to fulfill her agenda. You are probably asking, what is her agenda? The media pundits and prognosticators have been trying to figure it out for weeks. Finally we know what it is. She told us the plan in South Dakota. Senator Hillary Clinton is waiting on Senator Barack Obama to die. It doesn’t matter how it happens - just as long as it happens. Maybe he will get hit by a garbage truck while taking out his trash in the morning. He might get electrocuted while putting a ceiling fan in his bedroom. Whatever happens, it can’t be anything that leads a trail back to Clinton. No sniper bullets, car bombs, or poisoned Philly cheese steaks. If it’s too obvious everyone will know that Clinton was involved. She has to cover her tracks carefully with this one. One slip up and she is suspect numero uno.

She could frame her husband for the dastardly deed. I’m sure for her to be president, he will do the bid. She can send him a kite on Presidents’ Day just to show she cares. Maybe one of her African American supporters will take the fall. Bob Johnson is the perfect fall guy for a task of this order. Bob “pimping ain’t easy” Johnson has extended experience with being around felons and criminal activity. Have you seen the rap videos on Black Entertainment Television? They are like a “how to” kit for being a pseudo gangster. He rubs shoulders with all the big time “hood” supa stars. They can give him the street cred he needs to become a prison soldier. In the end she is probably going to do what any self respecting Democrat would do, and blame the Republicans. John McCain was in the military so of course he is a good suspect. She can plant evidence that speaks to his mental capabilities. Something that will make it look like he had a Vietnam flash back and went crazy. Whatever she plans on doing, she is going to have to do it quickly. She doesn’t have much time left because the deck is stacked against her. My only advice to Obama is get a body double. I hear that some guy on Saturday Night Live does a good impression of him. Maybe you should see what he is doing for the next few months. Whatever you do, make sure that the guy is down with the plan and is willing to take the risks. R Kelly’s body double ended up pissing on some girl in a sex video and look at what’s happening to him.

For all I know she might try to take me out for posting this to my blog. I have a surprise for her though. I have a video tape of Bill Clinton and a stripper named Cinnamon that will be distributed upon my early departure. I plan on having it sent to one of the major news networks. I heard BET has a news section, (I haven’t seen it – it’s actually harder to find than justice for Sean Bell) but I can’t afford for the tape to end up in the 106 and Park rotation. Obama until then…… watch your back, protect ya neck and don’t drink any moonshine from West Virginia.


Anonymous said...

Obama said that he trusted Americans “to understand that it is not weakness, but wisdom to talk not just to our friends, but to our enemies, like Roosevelt did, and Kennedy did, and Truman did.“

But the truth is that FDR never spoke to the head of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler; the head of fascist Italy, Benito Mussolini, or the head of militarist Japan, Hideki Tojo. The president’s only policy, “was unconditional surrender.”

I have yet to hear most journalists or pundits remind Obama that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, even as their diplomats were on American soil to “talk peace.” As Pearl Harbor burned, our men and women died and America wept. But President Harry S. Truman took note and did not forget. He knew the meaning of “Peace through Strength.”

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Anonymous said...

Your commentary is comical but true. Hillary’s campaign seems to be about fighting. I’m for discussing peace while being ready to fight if necessary. That’s how I read Obama.