Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tell us how you really feel Sista!!!!!

Transcripts taken from CNN's "Larry King Live" Aired April 28, 2008

The panel included -

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, professor at Georgetown University (Obama Supporter)

Lanny Davis, he served as special counsel to President Bill Clinton (Clinton Supporter)

Flavia Colgan, columnist and editorial board member of the "Philadelphia Daily News (Obama Supporter)

Carole Simpson, former ABC anchor, now a leader in residence at Emerson College. (Clinton Supporter)

An excerpt of the conversation:

SIMPSON: Thank you very much. What I want to say is how much things have changed. When this race started, Obama had all of the attention, rock star, Obama girl, everything, everybody was flocking to him. And now look at where we are. And I was asked on this program, should Hillary drop out and I said absolutely not. Anything could happen. And look at what has happened. We have a confluence now of race and religion, two hot political potatoes, and Obama stuck right in the middle of it.

DYSON: Larry, can I say this? I think it's very important to say that Barack Obama himself has been brilliant in transcending these divisions, these bitter precincts of prejudice, and looking towards an America that he can unite. Even though he loves his pastor and distances himself from what he says that he finds [offensive], he calls on the American people to move beyond his paralyzing prejudices to unite as Americans. I think that's what we have to focus on.

KING: We have about a minute. Flavia, do you fear that Obama may become this year's Dukakis?

COLGAN: Look, the proof in the pudding is in the eating of it. And I certainly respect the viewpoints of the American voter. So far they have obviously chosen Barack Obama, in terms of delegates. And throughout the country, he's running a 50-state strategy. But I will respect whatever decision they make. I think that it's patronizing to the American public to think that we haven't made — and this is where I disagree with Reverend Wright — that we haven't made enough progress as a nation that someone like Barack Obama will not become president simply because of the color of their skin. I do not believe that.

SIMPSON: Oh, you better believe it.

COLGAN: I'm sorry. You can have your opinion.

SIMPSON: You better believe it.

COLGAN: I do not believe, based on my experience, that that is the case. I think it's unfortunate that this Jeremiah Wright thing -- and I think as a pastor, he should show more humility. And I agree with Carol that it's completely about his ego to come out at this time in a way that he knows will affect Barack Obama. I think that's unfortunate, because Lanny and I should come back on and talk about issues.

KING: I'm going to recommend to the powers that be that we bring this panel back for a full hour, so we can really hear things coherently. As we wind things up, visit our website, You can download our latest podcast, which is Laura and Jenna Bush. We've also got a special Jimmy Carter quick vote. As always, you can email upcoming guests. Tomorrow night, Joy Behar. Wednesday night, Michael Moore.

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