Saturday, April 19, 2008

ABC vs. VH1 in the dumbing down of America

Everyone seems to be upset about the Democratic debate on Thursday night. Even my mother called me sounding very sad. She didn’t want to watch the debate, for full disclosure my mother is a die hard Barak Obama supporter, because she had a bad feeling. My mom is not a psychic in case you were wondering. She decided not to watch because she knew what I knew. What every American should have known but didn’t. People must don’t know what a setup looks like when they see one. Looking at the highlights from the debate, it looked like Custer’s Last Stand. I haven’t seen a man take blows like that since Mike Tyson fought Buster Douglas. He should have known the deck was stacked against him with George Stephanopoulos asking him questions. Didn’t people know that he worked for President Bill Clinton during his first term in office? If you look up the word “conflict of interest” in the dictionary, you will see pictures of George Stephanopoulos, Dick Cheney, Simon Cowell and Clive Davis. I believe that debate should have been on VH1. It would have fit in well with their other programming. I think it could have aired right after Flavor of Love.
The debate and Flavor of Love are similar because:
1. There is drama early in the beginning.
2. They brush over the important details.
3. Someone ends up walking away feeling abused and used.
4. At the end you (the viewer) realize that you wasted an hour of your life.
All that was missing was a crazy woman that was………. Ooops! I guess they had that too.

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Anonymous said...

The debate was horrible. As a journalist, I don't understand the rationale of allowing George Stephanopoulos co-moderate??? That made no sense. And spending 40 minutes re-hashing issues the American people do not want to talk about. I was truly disappointed. Hillary got off easy. She sat baking a cake while Barak looked like he was being cooked in an oven. The American people deserve better. In tough economic times we need to know where our next candidate stands...not about friendships he's held in the past or whether he wants to wear an American flag. How many Christians wear a Cross? Matter-of-fact, how many rappers wear crosses and curse and degrade women at the same time? Think about it!!