Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama slips, falls and Hillary is right there not ready to catch him. Notes from a Non-Pollster.

Voters might not be bitter in small towns but I am. I am so sick of this un-democratic primary. The more Hillary talks the more she turns me off. If I could just get her to shut up and sit down, I wouldn’t need to take Rolaids while watching the nightly news. Recently my wife told me they were planning on having a debate in Raleigh, NC before the primary. Another debate? I wonder what new information we will be able to find out from this endeavor. I’ll tell you what it is, not a damn thing! I don’t have any scientific polling documents in front of me, but let me take a crack at this. 25% of Americans will vote strictly on the issues (healthcare, economy, education, etc). 75% of Americans (the rest) will vote using their gut (race, gender, can I have a drink with this guy at the bar etc). Do you know why I say this using my unofficial un-scientific polling non-documents? People in this country will vote against their own self interests out of fear. Remember when everyone voted for Bush “2” or Bush “Duh”, depending on if you are in a Republican or Democrat household, because he was going to stop gays from marrying. Let’s see how that worked out. Oh yeah Gay people are still getting married (sort of). Thanks Bush! You saved us from a lifetime of going to weddings where there would be two male statues on top of the cake. Meanwhile Bush has been spending our currency like a drunken sailor at port in Madrid. I’m not pushing a pro-gay agenda but to be that na├»ve to think lesbians would storm the White House wearing overalls and mullets is pure foolishness. This is along the same lines as the ignorant concept that a mysterious “Black man” will take your job because of affirmative action. Blacks, African Americans, or whatever we are being called this month, make up 12% of the United States population. If you dropped a bomb in Harlem, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Compton, Watts, South Central and Washington D.C. we would probably be at 4%. I will remind you again that all this is from my unofficial un-scientific polling. The numbers could possibly be off a bit so take that into consideration when reading. Anyway, as I was saying in the beginning, I am sick and tired and ready for this thing to end. Gathering all this data together for you to not learn from is tiring. It’s hard being a non-pollster.

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