Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Business $chool

………mediocrity is what's rampant. Excellence is rare." -Don Cheadle

When I first heard about schools paying students to do work, I almost fell out of my chair. Do you mean all this time I went through high school for free? I’m still suspicious about this program because Newt Gingrich is involved. Why would a Republican promote paying students for grades but attempt to banish welfare? It sounds like a set up to me. Learning is something you do because you love doing it. Once you start paying people to be scholars, high school will look like the National Basketball Association. You will have overinflated paychecks and lazy job performances. With all that being said, I wonder can I get high school back pay?

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Anonymous said...

I demand reparations for those 4 years of unpaid labor!!! ha