Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama’s Big Chicken Has Come Home to Roost

Poor Senator Barak Obama. He has tried to run a race neutral campaign, but people won’t let him do it. Senator Hillary Clinton, Republicans, and Rev. Wright won’t let him do it. Obama wants to bring the races together to fight crime, poverty and tax cuts. If it could possibly work, it could be a beautiful thing. I personally think the “pie in the sky” concept is wishful thinking. If anyone could pull this off though, it would have to be Obama. No one else is really interested in working together and crossing the political aisles. Before we can sing Cumbiya and run through the hills, Obama has to deal with something that he should have taken care of a while ago. Obama knew that he attended a church where they taught black liberation based scripture. He knew that Rev. Wright was not the kind of person that would go quietly off into the sunset. He knew that the sermons of his former minister were recorded for videotapes, CD’s and whatever else that could be bootlegged. The fact that he chose to ignore this is why he is catching Hell now. The Media, Republicans and Hillary are not going to let go of this one. They all know weapons of mass distractions when they see one (especially the Republicans). Hillary is not going to let this go because she thinks that she is winning. Which is an entirely different story involving imaginary mathematics and two rogue states. But I digress….
Hindsight would have told Obama that he might want to find another church to attend. A church that was similar to his view of a multi-cultural America. Maybe a church that was more conservative without all the hollering and hooping that goes on in most black churches. He should have known that white folks might be scared by that kind of behavior. By Presidential standards catching “the holy ghost” might be seen as undignified. Do you think Nancy Reagan ever caught “the ghost”? She was consulting with them during her husbands presidency. A person like me can go to a church like Trinity United Church of Christ. See I’m not running for any public office and I’m not trying to win over any votes. I don’t have to answer to the mainstream media for anything that I have done in my past. When you are in the limelight, you have to watch everything you do and say. I don’t understand why Obama’s campaign staff didn’t see this coming. I don’t know why Obama didn’t see this coming. Does he really believe that he can campaign on the issues and sidestep the drama? I wish I had some advice for him but I don’t. He is stuck between black folks anger towards whites and white folks ignorance towards blacks. If he can maneuver this landmine, it will be one of the greatest American feats of all time. If this pulls him under, then he will be another democrat has been. I truly hope it is not the latter. I do believe Obama wants to change the landscape of politics in America. I also believe he just might be the guy to do it. First, he is going to have to learn how to manage campaign problems better. Politics is a dirty business and you have to be one step ahead of your opponent. Because as we have seen, when the chickens finally do come home, they eventually end up getting cooked.

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