Thursday, July 15, 2010

Columnist Ron Stodghill doesn’t know what he wants to write about.

Local entrepreneurs Damian and Jermaine Johnson were featured in the Charlotte Observer in June and July. They own 3 barbershops and a barber school. Pretty good for two brotha’s from Buffalo, NY.

Side Note: for full disclosure, Damian Johnson is my Frat Brother and we pledged in the same undergrad chapter.

On June 19, 2010, Stodghill wrote a glowing article about the Johnson Brothers. It talked about how they are making a big splash in Charlotte with their Urban Business Network. It was an informative article that should have been inspiring to future and current minority business owners.

On July 7, 2010, Stodghill wrote an article complaining about the Johnson Brothers logo for their business. He said the “logo has got to go.”

His exact words –
“Perhaps you've encountered No Grease's logo, the bug-eyed, black-faced caricature inspired by those dehumanizing minstrel shows of yesteryear.”

So what happened in almost three weeks time that made the Johnson’s go from hero’s to bums? Stodghill should have talked about his dislike for the logo in the first article. To do another article just to get a gripe off your chest is a waste of white space. The second article practically negated everything that was positive about the first one. I can’t tell if he was being sneaky or honest. I’m not bothered that Stodghill has a problem with their logo. It is a bit hard to take when you first put eyes on it. I have a problem with him “going in” on them after the fact. It made his point look petty and unnecessary. He could have included his dislike in the beginning and still produced a “fair and balanced” article. In a day and age where newspapers are strapped for cash and struggling for readers, journalists are going to have to do better.


Val said...

Wow, this is very interesting, CO. Yeah he should have taken this up in the first piece. This seem more a case of editorial staff being incompetent though. I mean why did the editor(s) allow him to do the first piece without mentioning the logo?

Anyway, that logo is bad. There's no defending it. There is no way I would patronize that business. And I'm sure there are plenty of people in Charlotte that stay away because of the logo.

So if the brothers don't get it on an intellectual way they should understand its hurting their business.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - Not the case, Business is booming. They own 3 barbershops and a school. One of their shops is located in an NBA Arena. Plus Republican Sue Myrick gave them a thumbs up on their business (head scratcher). The sky is the limit for them. If Black folks are bothered. They aren't saying it in public.

Val said...

Really? Wow, it's so sad when we don't know our own history.

I bet if a White person tried to use that logo Black people would have a fit though.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - Read this if you get the chance..

Val said...

I read the interview. Honestly I wasn't that impressed with his logic. And he seemed to contradict himself a bit. First he said there had never been any controversy then he said that some older folks had called him on it.

And when he said he wasn't offended by anything I thought he was basically saying that to bolster his stance on the logo.

Anyway, after reading the interview Damien seemed disingenuous. And I still wouldn't patronize their business. I guess I'm just proud like that.

Oh, I think both these guys are future Republicans. :-)

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - Don't worry. If you ever come to Charlotte and need your wig tightened up I'll make sure you go somewhere else. ; )