Thursday, July 01, 2010

Alabama, we get your message!! But don’t leave us just yet!

That rugged untamed frontier known as Alabama is done with playing nice. Alabamians are pissed off and they aren’t going to take it anymore. They are willing to defend their state and country in order to protect the sanctity that was envisioned by their founding forefathers. And it appears that they will do this by any means necessary. The ads that some Alabama candidates are running all express the theme of independence and the defense of liberty. Other ads involving building schools, fixing roads and finding alternative fuel resources aren’t tough enough to compete with these ads. These are real men that are demanding a call for action. And if any bureaucrat (current bureaucrats mind you, not the bureaucrats that the candidates that are currently running for office will become if they get elected) gets in their way they will be in serious trouble. Candidates requesting a call to arms against tyranny, shooting at anyone that disagrees with them and demanding an English speaking state usually means on thing.

Alabama is going to secede from the Union!!!!

I know it hasn’t been all that great for Alabama but I never would have thought we would end up here. Sure Alabama has a smudge in the history books for their view on slavery and Jim Crow. And yes they fell down in college football for a period of time. But why would they leave now? They just had the first African America Heisman Trophy winner in the University of Alabama history. You have Charles Barkley as a native son and a Toyota Plant in Huntsville. A black NBA player that likes white women and a Japanese car company on American soil sounds progressive to me!! And from the ad you can tell the Rick Barber is sincerely concerned about slavery. I’m sure he must have a diverse coalition working within his campaign.

Don’t leave us Alabama!!! Without the Federal Government who will help you clean up future oil spills on your shores? And who will help you when Hurricanes destroy your homes? Sure being alone will be fun at first but you will miss us. Miss Alabama will have to compete in the Miss America Pageant as a territory (if they let you). Ask Miss Puerto Rico what it feels like to live in a commonwealth of the U.S.? And instead of using the U.S. Dollar are you going to go back to confederate states of America currency? Try spending that money at J.J.’s Rib Shack while passing through Atlanta and see what happens. Alabama has an important role in filling the gap between Georgia and Mississippi. We can’t count on any other state to fill that need. How would New Jersey look taking Alabama’s place? “Jersey Shore” would look a lot different with confederate flags and tanning beds. Let’s hope that this is just a few rouge individuals and not the consensus. If there is a state that has to leave, let it be Arizona. They will be alright by themselves as you can see below:


Val said...

"...Alabama has an important role in filling the gap between Georgia and Mississippi..."


Let them go, CO. They don't make anything. They have terrible school. They're just a drain on the rest of us. But if they do go part of the bargain is that they have to take South Carolina and Mississippi with them.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - are hard on the south!! ha ha! Don't let them take North Carolina Val!!! ha ha ha! I take it you like the Satire.

Val said...


I love satire!

Nope, I wouldn't want them to take North Carolina. I like NC. I have a friend that lives in Rocky Mount. And I spent a little time in the Raleigh-Durham area.

msladydeborah said...

I'm going to be honest-I couldn't watch more than a few moments of the first video. My colored mid-western self just shivers at the sound of a southern white male twang. Not that I'm scared of the sound it just envokes an attitude that I try to hold down these days.
Am I supposed to believe that a Southern is suddenly concerned about slavery? Umm..if I remember correctly the Confederacy States fought like hell to maintain their way of life. Which included owning slaves. But, I reside in a state that doesn't teach delusionary His-stories about historical facts unless it involves what happens between our boarders.

As far as Bama rolling out of the Union. C'Ya! I'm pro all the states that want to leave-to do so.
Let's build a wall around their boarders and put the military there to keep them in. Those folks that don't want to stay need to be allowed to roll out ASAP!

Citizen Ojo said...

msladydeborah - If Ohio left the Union what would you do? ha ha ha..
Being from the South everyone (except northerners) has a southern accent so what can you do? ha ha ha. I personally thought the videos were funny. But I think they meant them to be serious..oh well.

Nell said...

most white southerners are too busy muddin (riding around muddy back roads in large pick-up trucks to get them dirty), drinking, and hunting to do anything political like what that idiot in the videos was proposing.

note that this is coming from a born and raised Alabamian.

Citizen Ojo said...

Val - oh good.. yep I'm 2 hours from the capital.

msladydeborah - I'm from the south so I'm use to the accents. But I understand. I didn't know Ohio was the way it was until the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Bama isn't leaving yet..ha ha ha

Citizen Ojo said...

Nell - you make your state sound so exciting....ha ha ha Muddin?? Wow!